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With novelty, fantasy and confusion, we walked into junior high school and greeted us with a five-day military training. We know that military training is not only the exercise of the body, but also the test and temper of the will. The sweetness of military training life is a kind of sweetness of "satisfaction" Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This kind of sweetness is a kind of deep friendship established between teachers and students. It is like a piece of chocolate sugar, and it will have a bitter taste.to the military camp from the first day to the last day of the military camp. It��s easy to look at the military posture, but it��s the training of the most tempered will Marlboro Red. At the beginning, the instructor told us to stand for five minutes. On the glare of the sun, we raised our heads and stood on the chest. Standing still, many students fell from the face and sweated from the face. The feet were sore and sore. There were times when I almost couldn��t hold it and wanted to play the "retreat." But thinking about the expectations of parents and teachers Marlboro Menthol 100S, I finished my hard five minutes with my teeep in military training is not only to play in order, but also to keep the row and rhythm neat, which is indeed a chore. At first, the instructor asked us to carry our hands to the back, kicked the feet to stop in the air, and then checked one by one, and corrected them immediately if we saw them incorrectly. It is not easy to walk neatly, so we have strict requirements for instructors during training, and each action must be done Marlboro Gold Pack, otherwise it will affect the neatness of the entire team How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. So every time we practice our legs, they are sore and painful, but because of this, our positive kicks are more and more the instructor and the teacher taught us to sing the military song. The first song is unity or strength. The reason for learning this song first is that the instructor wants us to know that there is nothing that can be done without understanding anything. Once, the teacher took us from the back hill to pick the sand fruit on the mountain. We ate it iand five days of military training is a memory. Recalling this military training, a feeling that has been hidden in the heart for a long time is born. Indeed, military training is very hard, but it is hard to gain, hard work makes sense, and hard work is unforgettable. In the hard work, we got the friendship between the instructors and classmates, classmates and classmates, teachers and classmates; unforgettable sweats during our military training, unforgettable serious instructors during normal training and the way we joked, unforgettable in the last day we will fuck us The performance of the performance, unforgettable bit by bit in life... Everyone is full of energy and waiting for the results of the sweat, although we did not get the first place in the end, but we are still the winner, becausear. The slogan of "12,12" was engraved in my heart. When I returned to school, we must strictly demand ourselves. We must demand ourselves from the discipline of the army, and bring the spirit of earnestness and hardship to study. Give the teacher, the instructor, and the parents a best gift.
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