Find a friend in the sea?

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Find a friend in the sea? difficult! Find a close friend? Hard to add! But all this encounter Marlboro Gold Pack, as if it was arranged by God, let you inadvertently get a precious friendship Marlboro Menthol 100S, depending on whether you are willing to cherish..., friendship is like this, it��s unexpected, of course, I am no exception.
eems to be reversed, back to the day when I got the first true friendship.ells..." As the bell rings, the students "fly" to the activity venue outside the classroom like a bird flying in a cage. Soon after, the laughter fluttered into my ears. Curious, I walked out of the classroom, sat under the tree next to me and watched the game consisting of only two or three people. I wanted to dance with them and dance together, but I was timid and I didn't do it after a week. When I got the courage to join their game, they did not hesitate to accept me. In the game, Zhang Hao and He Lang became my best friends, and I got the first friendship, and this friendship is gradually clear in the fun game..urse, there is more than one friendship. In the fourth grade, the whole class made a big seat, and a boy named Wang Kun was next to me. At the time, he did not expect his name to enter the list of my "good friends." Because of the seat, our feelings increase day by day, and rise to the position of my close friends.his way, day after day, year after year, our four became inseparable intimate friends, and also made me happy from friends - especially the rainy rainy day is a rainy day that is unpredictable.nstantly underground, changing at any time, sometimes big, sometimes small. Su Shi and I, in the face of this sudden rain, can't do anything. The sky gradually became dark, and the rain did not stop. Just when I and Wang Kun decided to rush home, an umbrella covered my head. I looked back amazedly. It turned out to be He Mingbin. He seems to know what I am thinking. I haven't waited for me to open my mouth. I asked Cigarettes For Sale, "Are you also walking east? Then let's go together!" I smiled happily, warm like a fire, and took up time. My cold heart. I don't know when, He Mingbin appeared in the middle of me and Wang Kun Online Cigarettes, and opened the umbrella and said: "Let's go together, I will send He Mingbin to the vegetable market."his way, the four of us talked and laughed Cigarettes Cheaper, breaking the silence of the campus at the moment.that moment, there is a long way to stay in my heart, because at that moment, let me understand what is true friendship - a helping hand when a friend, when you need help, a friend will let you re Cheer up, but no matter what, at the last moment, don't abandon friends and abandon friendship.tary school life is about to say goodbye as time goes by. The time spent with friends is only a short period of time. After graduation, maybe God will let our fate continue, but maybe not. I believe that cherishing the present time, cherishing the present friendship, and leaving deep memories among friends, can make friendship a true friendship!
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