Everyone said that Jiangnan

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Everyone said that Jiangnan is good, but I think the north is much more exciting than Jiangnan.In my hometown of Hebei, there is no peach red and green, where the water surface is flat, the birds fly, and the bee butterflies are in groups, but there are dead wood leaves that do not exist in then the spring, the home is like the "Spring Breeze" depicting the spring scenery of the North, as the author Lin Jinxi described, the wind is blowing all over the sky, but the "spring" does not hinder the daily work of the people of the North, still holding the hoe. Work in the fields. This is not so lively in Hebei, the shops have not opened the door, generally only after the first month of the he summer in Hebei is not as boring as the summer in the south, so hot, so lazy. In the morning, people got up early and got up at four or five Marlboro Cigarettes Price. The first step in getting them up was not to turn on the TV to turn on the air conditioner, but to steam the steamed buns to cook. Taro is a mustard in the morning, which will keep us energized all day long. At eight or nine in the afternoon, people took Ma Zhazi to the aisle and sat down to watch the stars and talk about their homes. "Hey, Aunt Zhang, what is your grandson?" "Oh, what else can you do, isn't that the same?" Every night in the country, it is all about talking.Let's talk about autumn. The color of Hebei, beautiful! From the heights, the roofs of the houses are all corn, golden and golden, and even their own yards are mountain-like corn. The children have just taken home to take this "mountain" until the door of the house. Of course, when our hometown arrives in September, the children will go to school for half a month, and they will start the holiday and let it go for half a month! I don��t want to know that the family is so good that the elderly and the children can��t be idle Cigarettes For Sale. When they arrive at home, no one must go to the ground!The winter in Hebei is very cold. When I went to the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, I went to the street to look at it Newport Cigarettes Price. In addition to dead wood and ice and snow, it was basically a door. However, the lunar calendar, about 15 December, went to the streets again, which is another scene! "Oh, I will take fifty hoes, and I will come in the afternoon Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online." On the street, I bought a meat stall. "Cut here, I don't want ears." Everywhere is the purchase of new year's goods, buying fireworks and firecrackers.ter the end of the year, after the end of the year Carton Of Newports, after visiting relatives and friends, everyone started a new year of work.
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