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KIEV, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- An historical exhibition entitled ""The Road of Death"" has recently opened in the Ukrainian capital to mark the 75th anniversary of the massacre of about 150,000 Nazi victims in Babi Yar.

The exhibition, which is held in the Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II, features more than 500 exhibits, including authentic photos and documents as well as personal belongings of the victims.

Furthermore, dozens of modern art installations revealing the brutality of the Babi Yar massacre are displayed at the exhibition.

Babi Yar, a ravine in Kiev, was a site of a series of massacres carried out by the Nazis during their campaign against the former Soviet Union during WWII.

The most notorious and best documented of these massacres took place on Sept. 29, 1941, wherein 33,771 Jews were killed in a single operation.

Nadiya Smolyarchuk, the head of the research department at the museum, said that the main aim of the exhibition is to provide a vivid picture of Kiev during WWII.

""For us, it is a major tragedy -- a tragedy for Kiev city, a tragedy for Ukraine. For Jewish people who live in Ukraine it is a tremendous source of heartbreak and pain even today,"" Smolyarchuk said.

The exhibition runs until Nov. 26.


Raising tomatoes might appear to be an exciting and simple activity Discount Edmonton Oilers Jersey , however, tomatoes have grown prone to many diseases. These dainty fruits are often obliterated by typical tomato conditions, so tomato growers should be dedicated to tending to the tomatoes if a abundant harvest is to be yielded.

One of many incentives to cultivate tomatoes is that they produce fruit generously. Only one plant may give fruits enough to feed a large family all year round. Most of the people plant several tomato plants for selling or marketing purposes.

Whatís promising about tomato diseases is that they could be curable and will have a small affect if handled effectively.

The simplest way to prevent these diseases is to use the right spot for a plant. Some areas are susceptible to tomato diseases. Itís advisable for tomatoes to be planted where sunlight is rich in an area with good water drainage. Avoid shady locations where water stagnates.

There are two different kinds of tomato health problems: one affects the leaves of the tomato plant Discount Florida Panthers Jersey , while the other affects the fruit itself.

Blight has become the biggest tomato disorder and is one particualr disorder that effects the tomatoís leaves. There can be a few variations of blight, all of which attack consistently during the tomatoís growing stages.

Early blight triggers the leaves, containing dark spots. Adding copper or sulfur sprays can assist fight early blight. The infected plants should be removed.

Late blight causes leaves to have white or grey spots. This is a really dangerous type of blight that can kill a whole plant if it is not detected early. The reason for a late blight disease is too much moisture on the tomato plant.

Along with blight Discount Los Angeles Kings Jersey , there are other sorts of leaf diseases that every gardener should take into consideration:

The gray leaf disease involves dark spots visible on the leaves. As time goes on, these spots become larger and eventually create holes in the leaves. This may slow fruit production. The simplest way to combat it is to decide on plants that are immune to gray leaf.

Verticillium wilt is a disease together with symptoms. The leaves of the plant turn yellow and ultimately die. Symptoms range between wilting of leaves, leaf death Discount Minnesota Wild Jersey , and yellow or brown leaves. If remained untreated, verticillium can eliminating the plant because the disease stops the affected part of the plant from getting the nutrients and water it needs. Taking out the contaminated plant is the simplest means to fix this disorder.

One of the most common diseases that has an effect on the tomato fruits is the Anthracnose, a fungus. The submerged spots on the fruit eventually change into decaying spots. the result of a fruit having too much contact with moisture. Copper sprays will help treat and forestall the fungus.

Bacterial speck is another kind of a tomato disease that triggers protruded darkish spots on tomatoes. This Discount Montreal Canadiens Jersey , just like the Anthracnose, may cause the fresh fruit to rot at the same time. It is also treated by using a copper spray.

Bloom end rot is known as a tomato ailment that starts at the blossom. It causes dark spots that result in completely consumed and rotted fruit. This disease is mainly due to overuse of fertilization or over-watering. The affected fruit has to be removed and watering have to be done carefully to be able to address it.

Lastly, gray wall is usually a tomato condition that prevents the fruit from ripening. It leads to gray blotches seen at the start of the fruit when itís still unripe. Gray wall is caused by incorrect handling and care for the tomato plant Discount Nashville Predators Jersey , however it could be controlled through careful watering and loose soil across the plants roots.

Sydney Drake is a writer raised in Los Angeles. Drake works as a freelance writer for local papers, magazines, blogs and websites in Nevada for 3 years now. Visit some of the sites that he works for Discount New Jersey Devils Jersey ,

As the new iPhone 5 nears its official release date and Apple check out to retain as considerably information as they possibly can below wraps (even using two guards to maintain the new system a solution!) there have been some leaked photos just uncovered which bring into query just what the distinction is to be among the iPhone five and rumoured iPhone 4S.

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