The indissoluble bond

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The indissoluble bond between me and the book3 Class of Ningbo Wanli International School Primary School Yang Handindi! Go buy a bottle of soy sauce, otherwise this pot of meat will be paste!" Under the pressure of my mother's "Hedong Griffin", I was obliged to read the book, I had to pick up the two pieces on the table, and "Lin Hai Xue Yuan" in his hand, step by step to the supermarket. I have to take advantage of these few minutes to read!ntain, and he was about to be eaten by the tiger! Suddenly, I feel wrong, look down: Yeah! I wear the big slippers my dad wears in summer! Now in the cold, I am wearing a pair of slippers! No way, keep going!ontinued to walk, and Yang Zirong in the book was being questioned by the mountain carvings! Seeing that I am going to get rid of it, I can't help but sweat for him. Suddenly I heard a horn from behind me. I turned around and found a car coming from behind me. I hurried to the right and found myself jumping to a dirty water and putting one of my socks. To splash wet, I feel like Yang Zirong is going through the snow, putting his feet into the cold snow, I can't help but jump out, just like Yang Zirong is too embarrassed.y came to the supermarket! I dragged a "scarred leg" and suddenly remembered: I forgot what my mother asked me to buy! I am guilty of this Wholesale Cigerattes, how can I explain it when I go back? I want to think about it. I only know that it is used to burn meat. Is it salt? Don't have two packs at home; is it ginger? That mother should call me to the market! It should be to buy an old bar! Thinking of this, I hurriedly bought a bottle of old wine and ran back home at a speed of 100 meters.on as I entered the house, I put the old wine on the kitchen table and just wanted to read the book. I was caught by my mother and said, "You see, what are you buying? I want soy sauce, not old wine! This pot of meat can be What to do!" I heard it, and stopped. It seems that I can only eat "distiller's meat" tonight!e enough Marlboro 100'S Online, at dinner, with the heat, the "wine meat" was put on the table. Looking at this steaming "drinking meat", we really can't start! Who told me to be planted in the book? It seems that I have a close relationship with the book Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online, and there is a feeling of "cutting constantly, and still chaos"g Lang's book, moisturizing the soulClass of Ningbo Wanli International School Primary School Wu Yizhenmountains contain every rock, no matter its size, so it is magnificent; the sea gathers every stream, no matter how turbid it is, so vast and boundless. And when we are young and young, shouldnrst book of enlightenment should be the phonetic version of The Wizard of Oz. When I was five years old, my mother took two books from the bookcase and said, "Mom go out, you should take a look at these two books." Young I don't know what "reading", just pretending Open the book, like an adult, and start to read the pinyin. Originally, I just had nothing to do before I took the book. Unexpectedly, this book is like a guide, leading me to the fruitful forest; and I am like a greedy little squirrel, hungry green eyes, staring straight at the crumbling berries , pounced on the food that I dreamed of. However, this is a spiritual food and the most precious treasure in the world. When I was glad that Dorothy had found Greentown's magician Oz, when there was a chance to go home, an earth-shattering news came - Ozzie is not a legendary great magician, but a hot air balloon has failed. The explorer, because he fell from the sky, was treated as a magician may be the key to unlocking the temple of knowledge! Since then, the book has become a part of my life - as long as I see the book, I will always rush to the top; as long as I have my own book, I always love it, reading it over and over again. Both Chinese and foreign masterpieces, as well as campus novels; regardless of newspapers and magazines, or fairytales fables. Only can't catch it, there is no end to reading. When you are in the dead of night, read a book and enjoy the peace you have given Cheapest Marlboro Red 100 Carton. Sometimes, tears for the tragic experience of Jane Eyre; sometimes, laughing for Wendy's return; sometimes, sad for the melancholy of the little prince; sometimes, for Heidi's enthusiasm... followed by Holmes to investigae spring breeze Marlboro Gold Without Duty Stamp, which can blow the ice layer of the heart; knowledge is the spring, can nourish the seedlings of the heart; knowledge is oxygen, can save the suffocation of the atrium; knowledge is a spark, can reflect the dim of the red heart. Let us fly freely in the sky of knowledge!
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