A rugged mountain

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A rugged mountain road is covered with clouds. There is a stone room at the top of the peak. There is a master inside. He calls himself a bitter Zen. The master of bitterness is a high-ranking monk. It is isolated from the world. I bought a lot of things with my son. They are all vegetarian. Come to visit. I am a private friend with a bitter Zen master. Many years of old friends. Many things that people can't figure out will ask for help with him. This day, the sky is blue. How many white clouds are floating lazily. Only see the bitterness of Zen sitting in one The peak of the extinction. I can't move. I was shocked. How can people sit still in such a high place. Not afraid to fall down and die. The bitter Zen seems to know that I am coming. But continue to meditation. I will wind up for a while. I am afraid of urgency. My son is worried about bitterness. The windy sand is flying away. It seems to be a monster. My eyes can't open. I think the wind on the peak is bigger. My son and I hid in the shelter. The wind gradually became small. It may be dark. It seems that it is going to rain. I looked up and saw that the bitter Zen still sat in that place. There was no movement. I shouted the master of bitterness. The bitter Zen was not moved. Like an ice sculpture. I got up in the rain. My son and I entered the cave to shelter from the rain. The things were also placed there Cigarettes Online. The bitter Zen is still at the peak. Follow the outside of the stone room, I saw the rain very much. I poured the clothes along the neck of the bitter Zen. Then I shed the peak from the bottom of my feet Cheap Cigarettes. The clothes were tightly attached to the flesh. A thunder was rolled over. I was shocked. I felt very uncomfortable Marlboro Red. One move. It is possible to fall to death. My palms are cold sweat. The first time I encountered such a thing. The rain is getting smaller. The sky is bright. The sun is coming out. The peak crosses a rainbow of seven colors. The bitter Zen at the moment Like a demon. I think that the West is like this. I haven't seen how the Zen is under the peak. I only saw the clothes dry early. I smiled slowly and came to my front. I was amazed at the bitterness of Zen. Amitabha hands and a gift. Amitabha. Li Shizhu came to visit the old man today to ask for advice. My real name is Li Xiangfeng. The family is in this mountain. There is nothing wrong with today. It is to visit the old man. The bitter Zen smiles. I Ask the bitter Zen. Why do you want to sit in a place so high? You can't move when you are thundering. You can't move. The bitterness of the world Carton Of Cigarettes. The heart of the world is like a water tank. Full. The wind is big. Water It will turn. If the water tank is very thin and the wind is big, it will break at the peak. It will be wide. It is like a big water tank. Empty heart is like a stone. I don't think about it. How can it fall? My soul is enlightened. The bitter Zen continues to say that the hearts of the world are full of various desires. Lust. Appetite. Lust. Flying. Diving,,,, Every day, I am entangled in the desire, how can there be a clear sky, sitting on the ground are frying. But I asked, the master said that it is a clear sky, then if we don't marry a wife and have children Parliament Cigarettes, how can there be children without a desire, then does the country still exist? Does the world still exist? Is humanity still making progress? Nothing can be created. The bitter Zen smiled and said, Li Shi��s words are very much, the world is like the five elements. If it is not good to promote good things for anything, the Buddha once said that cutting the flesh and feeding the eagle is just a kind of spirit, it is to influence people. Don't do evil, but you can't soften the animals that swallow you, such as snakes, tigers, rats, and so on. In short, they can only contain, but not eliminate. The five elements are in harmony. The Buddhist theory of innocence does not exist, I am puzzled. The bitter Zen replied that the Buddhist theories are only directed at the Buddhism, not the world, and the world does not have to
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