Pandora has a secret charm

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:32 am    Post subject: Pandora has a secret charm Reply with quote

Jewellery store Pandora is one of the most popular stores in the city, with many Scousers priding themselves on having almost every charm for their bracelets.

However, some may now be disappointed to hear that they'll never actually be able to complete the full collection, due to the retailer having one selected charm utfrsljning pandora never plans on releasing for sale.

The charm, entitled Winniper, is named after Pandora's two founders, Winnie and Per Enevoldsen.

It is given to Pandora employees and no one else, meaning unless you know someone who works at a store and would very kindly gift you the charm, you'll struggle to get hold of pandora rea - unless you visit sites like eBay (or get a job there yourself).

Its design, is a combination of three animals, which at first may sound strange but it actually symbolises three important meanings for the company.

Pride, performance and and passions - represented by a Lion, Giraffe and Bee.

For anyone who wants to complete their collection, pandora armband is one currently available on auction website eBay here. But you'll need to be quick as it is only running on the site for three more days.

For investors, Ps value lies having pandora ringar rea tucked away inside some other company. And unless that happens, investors shouldnt expect too much from P stock shares. The firm does produce a decent amount of revenue. However, that number has been declining and P has never turned a profit.

But at $4 per share, it might be worth the gamble and hold if/when the buyout comes. Theres value there, but only if it can be unlocked by someone else. And in that, Pandora might make a good choice for risk-seeking investors looking for a turnaround play.
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