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life. No one is nervously and deliberately maintained. Just like flying a kite, the hands are loosely holding the line and watching it leisurely through the streets. Xiangxi and Yau Ma Tei are very similar, they are all beautiful and neat colors, but they are different. Everything inside the grass house is innocent and pure, but it is not a fairy tale. Shen Congwen is most satisfied with one of his own names - the township, I think, to reflect the scenery here. The people of Xiangxi are mortal, their words are indecent and indecent. They are engaged in various occupations and have various faces. The butchers drink and drink wine, and the women in front of the door lick the seeds. There is no most expensive clothes, no atmosphere of the house, only the deep freedom in the countryside. The lively and noisy Xiaohe Street, the slinging house where the women gather, the old boatman responsible for the ferry, will transfer a large number of tea leaves after the transfer. There, even the most virgin prostitutes in the world are also physically alive. They can receive Sichuan businessmen for their livelihood, or they can tie all the tears to the sailors who are returning to their homes. They can have love and hope. They are several times better than the gentlemen in the city. This group of people, if the rules are like the young masters in the city, Miss ���, with a mask and a slap in the face, I think, Shen Congwen will renounce the ancient city of Xiangxi, his memory. These people lived in reality and lived in a vulgar manner, but they lived upright and honestly. It was because of this solid character and self-sufficient cheesy that they were tired of the neon of the city and remembered this border town. The township is not a malicious banter and teasing, but a kind of nickname, Shen Congwen's own nickname for this city, the land around the mountain, and the people of this city. In the face of the ubiquitous suffocation, no longer being carefully guarded by himself, Shen Yue misses the clear water of the tea, the singing voice on the cliff. The color of life blooms in this small town Marlboro Cigarettes. Whether it is faint color or bright color, it is free. It is loaded with the life of several generations of Xiangxi, covered with sour and bitter, covered with spring, autumn and winter. Such a world can only exist in the past, exist in memory, and never get there when you go. The world of Xiangzi is unclear gray. The overwhelming gray-faced face, the smoked Xiangzi's back, the waist bent, and the heart died. The existence of such people as Xiangzi is their sorrow and the sorrow of the times. There is an ideal dream but it cannot be realized. It is extremely sad. As the book says: Give the rich to the poor under the rain; give the righteous to the righteous, and give it to the unrighteous. In fact, the rain is not fair, because it falls in a world that is not fair. The image of the tragic sentiment of Xiangzi was deeply engraved in the feudal era. Everything became silent in front of death. The sweat that used to run for the ideal day and night gave a faint sigh in the desolate society. Some people say that a soul that is riddled with holes will have extra effort and hard work after seeing the dawn of hope. It is a pity that the Xiangzi people of that era could not find the light of the small beam. Each generation has its own destiny that cannot be separated from each other Carton Of Cigarettes. It is only that one era can not accommodate a camel Xiangzi who bears the ideal. It is its own fault, and it is the fault of the times. A good person does not necessarily have a good report, and the dream is also lost in the foggy reality Parliament Cigarettes. All the hard work and diligence are nothing but a dream of Huang Wei. Really true, in the moment, where can I vent? I have searched for this, after all, still do not understand, life-specific colors. There is no fixed form of life, but it can be floating and can be moved. But I think, because there is no monotonous limitation, the world is wonderful, and we have wonderful

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