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I am an ordinary member of many underground black and white impermanence. Every day, I do the boring work of the devil who is registered to report. Everyday free time is only by turning over the "Three On this day, my good brother Lin Bai imperman came with a little girl about two or three years old to register. I looked at them in disbelief and said: "Hey! Lin Bai impermanence, what character let you personally lead?" Lin Bai impermanence gave me a look, "Hey, the cause and process of the little girl's death, I It has already been written." After that, he did not get angry. I shook my head helplessly, looking at the little girl in front of me Wholesale Cigarettes, I felt very sorry, sighed heavily, and then began to read her information. "Name: X Yue, gender: female, date of birth: 2009 �� month �� day, date of death: 2011 �� month �� day, death process: a few days ago, Xiaoyue Yue played at the door, just wanted to play on the street Unexpectedly, the car that was driven by the side hit the ground. The driver of the car was cruelly overwhelmed again, causing secondary injuries, but no one of the more than 10 people passing by showed a helping hand until a rubbish After Wang��s mother discovered it Carton Of Cigarettes, she pulled it to the side of the road and shouted for help. But a few days later, Xiaoyue Yue died in the hospital because of her injuries. Analysis of the cause of death: the flower of human nature faded, leading to the Xiaoyue Yue tragedy It happened. I looked at Xiaoyue Yue��s childish and lovely face. I didn��t say anything. I had to entrust it to the next level of management. I hope she can win the qualifications for heaven. To ease my feelings of depression and depression. I opened the "Three Realms Daily". In the human version, I saw a news: In the West Lake Scenic Area of ??Hangzhou, one person accidentally fell into the West Lake. At this time, a foreign female tourist quickly took off his coat. , jump into the West Lake to save people. Come up I left without leaving any contact information and name. I can't help but wonder, this news happened with Xiaoyue Yue in the same period, but why is there such a big contrast. On the one hand, I jumped into the lake to save people, but in the In another incident, more than a dozen people saw the dying girl's indifference to leave. What caused this kind of thing? Why do people learn the spirit of Lei Feng every year, why is this happening? When people are pursuing material enrichment At the same time, people must also pursue the richness of moral spirit and the splendour of the flower of the human heart Marlboro Gold.
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