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Gorky once said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." I like to read books and like to read books containing cultural connotations. "Water Margin" is such a book, The Water Margin is the earliest vernacular novel in China, and it is also the earliest chapter novel in China that describes the people's uprising and war. As a masterpiece in the history of Chinese literature, it provides a rich spiritual resource for the Chinese people Marlboro Lights. The Water Margin describes the peasant uprising in Chinese history and has shaped a large number of heroes of the insurgents. Its achievements are unprecedented. of. "Water Margin" wrote 108 Liangshan heroes, and the main characters are even more ready. Such as: Song Jiang - not only the righteousness and wealth, but also the ruin of the loyalty and filial piety. Lu Zhishen - loves freedom, hates evil, and is simple and simple. The Water Margin describes a peasant uprising team from nothing, from small to large, from weak to strong, from scattered to confluence, from blind action to a clear plan of action, and finally to the recruitment, completely failed. The whole process. One of the most admired heroes in "Water Margin" - Zhi Duo Xing Wu. He is calm, calm, and resourceful Wholesale Cigarettes. There is a poem that once described him as "the 10,000-volume scriptures have been read, and the life is so smart, and the six-three-three is a little refined. The chest is hidden in the chest, and the inside of the belly is hidden Carton Of Cigarettes. The strategy is to bully Zhuge Liang, Chen Ping's enemies. Shi Xiaoji was shocked.he book "Water Margin" tells me that I have to have "love" for my friends. I have "loyalty" to the monarch. Let us feel the Jin Ge iron horse in "Water Margin".
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