this farewell. This parting ex

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:26 am    Post subject: this farewell. This parting ex Reply with quote

How many times have people parted in their lives? Whether it is separate from friends or family members Cheap Cigarettes, or from the alma mater, but it is always reluctant, after the reunion will inevitably separate, I have experienced it! Today is the penultimate day next to my mother, there are still two days to go, my heart, I do not know why it is very nervous, my mother and I spent a lot of happy time, go to the Forbidden City, go to the nest, or shopping... For a moment, it was still yesterday, in my mind, when the scene echoed, my mother came over and touched my head and said, "Xuan! Let's go and buy clothes for you." Mom took my hand and took me to buy clothes Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I pulled With my mother's big hand, my heart is like a spring breeze, there is a drop of raindrops, and I slap my heart down, but the tension suddenly disappears, my heart is shining, I feel like my mother's heartbeat, I bought my clothes, my mom and dad. When I got home, after we finished eating, we fell asleep. In the dream, I made a sweet dream: Mom and I and my father flew freely in the sky, large expanses of weeds on the ground, and the sun flower danced with the breeze. We came to the top of the mountain again, where the clouds linger, an eagle, breaking the sky, rushing down vertically, an old Taoist practicing swords in the mountains, and came to the Milky Way, my sister gave me a jade rabbit to accompany me, Mercury sister shook hands with me. Big Star of Venus and I play games, Saturn's brother let me play on his aura... In the dream, our family of three is so happy. Wake up in the morning, I realized that this is a sweet dream. The moment of separation finally arrived, and there was an endless taste in my heart. My mother sent me to the train. I want to let the time settle forever in this second. I hope the train will not leave. I want my mother to be with me. I want to... "It��s all for life. Everyone has their own difficulties. "Mom looked at me and said to me affectionately Newport 100S." This sentence seems to make me taste this endless taste, it is bitter; my mother is hard to start a business for life; because there is a mother who works hard for her son, is a happy mother, I am willing to work with you. Walking in life, I will work hard in my studies, you go back soon! "I said. After I bid farewell to my mother, I was surprised that this farewell, I not only did not cry, I grew up! I have never cried after this farewell. This parting experience will never be forgotten
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