egance and quietnes

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:26 am    Post subject: egance and quietnes Reply with quote

The wind, blown, does not leave a trace; tears, shed, does not contain a trace of sound; Sakura, opened, does not take away a trace of memories brought spring message, blowing bursts of flowers, oh, cherry, pale cherry The faint fragrance, causing infinite delusion, can't help but go to the dreamy memories, open your eyes, there is a white, a pale powder, this is cherry... I am intoxicated in the fragrant wind, let the body dance with the wind, let the heart tide Midwest ups and downs Cigarettes For Sale. The petals pass through the body and penetrate into the wounded heart. The scene of the past comes to the heart. It is a bright sky, the clouds are fluttering, the trees are shaded by the sun, and there are many sakura there. I walked through a clump of trees and caressed the delicate cherry blossom petals. A piece of music came, it was a melodious song. I followed the song, a girl leaning against the cherry tree, but she didn��t understand when she was in a wheelchair Newport Cigarettes. Why is this girl so sad, why is it so sad? She should dance in the cherry blossoms but in a wheelchair. When I approached, she was not scared, but she said calmly that she had leukemia and no one wanted to approach her. Only this cherry tree grew up with her. Now, the doctor said that she is about to leave the world, she does not want to leave the cherry, and does not want others to hurt Sakura. She wants to dance again, but she doesn't have the courage to touch the cherry tree. She doesn't know what to say about Sakura. She wears a light pink T-shirt, a pure white veil, her hair is no longer black and thick, and some places are left behind, revealing the scalp. She looked at me, her eyes were helpless and disappointing, and a few petals fell on her head, showing her elegance and quietness. Only after the storm, can you see the rainbow, girl, please stand up! She stood up, spinning silently, turning, turning, and falling quietly. She smiled, weeping, I stood in the cherry blossoms, burst into tears.
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