In the eyes of many

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In the eyes of many people, the rural areas are mostly rudimentary and the environment is not good enough to match the city, but in fact, they are wrong. People will be divided into rural areas and cities according to their economic and cultural level, which is a long time ago. Although the development of rural areas is inferior to the city, this does not mean that it will stop. With the development and demolition of agriculture, many rural developments have been higher than certain cities. In fact, the supporters of this kind of thinking also include a veritable rural person like me. In my 12-year career, I have basically taken root in the countryside, fully adapted to the countryside but not fully enjoying the countryside. Take a simple example: stove. At the end of the twentieth century, the stove was very sacred because it not only gave rural people the convenience of cooking, but also dedicated to the taste of rural people. From an early age, my grandmother took a wooden stick that was older than her, with a metal object like a shovel in front Carton Of Cigarettes, and struggling to stretch the rough and fat arm, which was blackened by about ten centimeters. The tiles, stir-fry a dish over and over again, the fumes in the pot floated to the ceiling over time. Once, I also want to fry, but suddenly I found that my arm is not long enough, I can only cling to the stove, and fry a few times, but my cuffs are all sticky black oil, so hard to accept! In this way, ruined a piece of clothing! Since then, I have hated the stove deeply. Until now, I have seen this article, reminding me of those years. Every year, when I receive the New Year��s Eve dinner, my seven great aunts have blocked my family. One family, half of them were squatting in the living room, and the other half were around the stove. My female elders sat around the firewood, and the dark red flames scented the wall Cheap Cigarettes, scented the face, and scented the hearts of the people. Everyone's face is filled with happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. The cold wind is cold, the water is cold, the dishes are cold; the house is warm, the stove is warm, and the heart is warm! They were surrounded by stoves, and several people worked together. While washing rice and washing vegetables, they simmered and cooked vegetables. The smoke of the cockroaches came out of the chimney and got into the hearts of the people. The little kitchen became a big paradise. I realized that I was stupid, "I don't know my hometown." The group of people who lived in my fertile soil, lived with their hardworking hands and interpreted their happiness.
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