This campus is very

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This campus is very large. Rows of spacious and bright classrooms are printed in front of my eyes. The students in the classroom have a loud book, and the warm sunlight shines into the classroom. It has a particularly gentle feeling, and it feels comfortable. It's so beautiful, it makes me full of fantasy about the new school. Of course, my heart is also very scared Marlboro Gold. I am afraid that I can't get rid of the bad problems in elementary school. I am afraid that I am still a primary student now. I am afraid that I may not be able to keep up with junior high school. The exam is not ideal. impression. These are also my fears, but I always secretly encourage myself, as long as you study hard, learning God will not let you down. This new campus has a kind of green feeling, it is full of green feeling, just like living in the forest, breathing fresh air every day, receiving selfless education from teachers, giving us many, many Knowledge, teaches us how to learn, if you are a noble person, how to become a perfect junior high school student, how to get rid of the bad faults in elementary school ... I am very grateful to the teacher, although, now only one month, but the teacher education With a lot of knowledge that we ca n��t learn in elementary school, the knowledge of junior high school is deeper and higher than that of elementary school. Although some questions are complicated and boring, when you answer that question, you will feel how happy at this moment I am so proud, so junior high school not only gives us a chance to think about the problem, but also sets us many problems. As long as you take the class seriously and review it after class, you will always climb like a staircase, step by step. Go up, when you reach the top floor, it means that you have succeeded. As the saying goes, first bitter and then sweet, when you climb to the top, sweet He will, quickly spread out, then happiness, how much suffering as pay, will find their own special worth. Some students may think that three years of junior high school is not important Marlboro Lights. In fact, it is three years of junior high school. It is the foundation of your life. As long as you work hard for three years, the foundation will be stabilized in the future, and it will not be far from your dream of success. Far, maybe you can't achieve that ideal in a lifetime, but as long as you work hard and pay, it may be very satisfying indeed I also have an ideal, although it is not so big and not so ideal, but if you pass yourself Efforts have achieved their ideals, and will be particularly satisfied.
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