n��t want you to regret it. Wo

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The stars all over the sky conceal my little secrets, and the summer cicadas sing my hopes for the future. ����Small ambition, mixed with the heavy rain in summer, is buried in the white snow in winter, without a trace. Zhang Ailing said, "Life is a gorgeous robe covered with lice." The ambitious ambition planted in autumn, drowned in tears at the end of summer, after being attacked by winter winds and spring rain. I used to have brilliant results, but now, a final exam with the potential to destroy the world, mercilessly pushed me into the abyss. Crying, roaring, and messing up, the body is out of mind. My parents, who have always distressed me, are indifferent to the emotional out of control. The failed result, with its last hunger for family comfort, was finally dashed. My world is dark and fragmented. The summer vacation that tortured me a lot, and under the shouting of my parents and teachers Newport Cigarettes, I began to dazzle the morning light, and I began to review, take tuition classes, and rushed home to eat in hunger. Then review, go to class, eat, review, go to class, eat ... Week after week, my parents were left cold because of the results, except for taking care of my normal life. I confiscated my mobile phone, computer, and sealed the TV. My house was shrouded in dark clouds. The night was so dreary that I was out of breath, and it was extremely sweltering. I came out of the heavy book, exhausted physically and mentally, and went to rest in the room. Dad came over and seemed to have something to say. I was a little nervous: I didn't speak well for a long time, and I looked forward to it. "Is the job done?" The blunt questioning, like the same basin of cold water, extinguished the small flame in my heart, and my heart curled coldly. "Not good." "Why not write well?" A questioning tone made my head hum. The teacher's criticism, the students' surprise, even they treated me like this. Because of my mistakes, I have been able to swallow, but the uncomfortable feeling in my heart can't hold back like a volcanic eruption. I picked up the book on my desk and dropped it to the ground. Is it? "Dad was also angry, seeing the situation immediately. My mother came to hold my dad, but her eyes were staring at me, full of blame and distress Marlboro Red, "Are you tired! Are we not tired? Before the test, you are obsessed with the mobile phone, how to persuade and not listen, your father will always communicate with the teacher I am afraid that you will feel uncomfortable after the exam. I dare not criticize you. In order for you to review, your dad is going around to buy materials. You are always reluctant Cigarettes Online, but you are now at the first turning point in life. We do n��t want you to regret it. Words lingered in my ears, stabbed in my heart. In the book, I spent an unforgettable summer vacation. Finally, all my efforts will be rewarded, and all tears and sweat will return in the form of success. Thanks for failure, let me regain it. I thank you, and accompany me through the days of struggle. Looking back on the days of love and sweat, I smiled with tears and infinite gratitude.
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