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I almost finished reading "The Triple Gate" by the young writer Han Han with a sorrowful mood. At the same time as the author's brushstroke festival was good, I couldn't help but ask a question mark: What kind of environment is suitable for children to grow. "The Triple Gate" was written in Han Han High School During this period, it can be regarded as the author's own autobiography. The main character in the book, Lin Yuxiang, is undoubtedly Han Han in real life. Han Han in reality is rebellious, and Lin Yuxiang in the book also constantly develops feelings of dissatisfaction with reality in the book. On the surface, it seems that the novel is based on Lin Yuxiang and susan's ignorant romance as the main line, but as long as we are careful, we will find that The center of Han Han's expression is obviously not a love relationship that seems very green to everyone Online Cigarettes, but the living and learning environment of Lin Yuxiang, which has been overlooked by many people. Obviously, Han Han wanted to express: what kind of environment created the last Lin Yuxiang. It can be said that "Three Doors" is a detailed description of Lin Yuxiang's growth environment from the beginning of Han Han's complaint novel on the traditional education model of today's society. Small cities, parents, schools, teachers, these factors used a lot of the author's pen and ink, The road to growth has been wonderfully paved. Lin Yuxiang grew up in a small city. The surrounding environment determines that Lin Yuxiang cannot see what is happening around him with a relatively wide field of vision. His resistance to his parents also shows that he is just an ordinary child and not a prodigy in the eyes of many people. When his growing environment is only two points at home and school, we will find that Lin Yuxiang already has a missing personality at this time. This also reminds us of our work: must educational activities be restricted to schools and homes? If we can let our children go out and get more contact with society, will it be more beneficial to their growth? Look at Lin Yuxiang's parents. It is undeniable that Han Han used relatively easy and witty sentences as much as possible, but under the ease and humor we can see complaints against parents. Lin Yuxiang's parents are very special in the way they discipline their children. Is it true that children with ability can be placed in a free environment? The Lin Yuxiang we saw was free and relatively healthy Cigarettes Online. But looking back, relaxing the discipline of the child is actually giving up responsibility, which may also be the most important reason for Lin Yuxiang's lack of personality. Therefore, Lin Yuxiang's development is always uneven. Finally, at the school of Lin Yuxiang, there is no doubt that it is a template for traditional school education. Here, only students with "good quality and academic excellence" will be favored by the teacher. Generally, students with "legs" like Lin Yuxiang are not. Seen by the teacher, Ma Debao was commendable as a tutor at this time, but Ma's preference for Lin Yuxiang sadly reflected a side of reality-education is always covered by tradition. The quality of life and learning environment will directly affect the growth of children. In connection with teaching activities, we will find that there are still many places waiting for us to improve Carton Of Cigarettes, such as: attach importance to students' achievements and ignore children's psychology, attach importance to learning and ignore children Skills and more. A grade is just a reflection of a student's knowledge of a certain period of time. Teaching children to survive is more important than getting good grades. Society needs talent. The prerequisite for talent is a sound personality. How can we create it for children? An environment conducive to the formation of good personality, which is worth investigating. This may take quite a long time and requires a lot of effort from us, but it is well worth the efforts of every educator, otherwise there may be more children like Lin Yuxiang who "walk along a road that does n��t know where to go" "The railway everywhere" is lost.
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