Time flies

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Time flies, in those seasons, we spared no effort to pursue; in those years, we have the courage to bear the courage to act. Time turns, those fragments, we have had a bustling encounter; those landscapes, we give it a perfect ending. At the intersection of time Online Cigarettes, loneliness, happiness, confusion, bitterness, guilt, happiness, every time you get, it means every loss, every understanding, it means every pain, every desire, every time Feel, simple, simple, comforting, sustenance, and then leave. Time is too dangerous, fast and slow, you want to speed, but the red light is on at this time, anxious but helpless, even the green light is ashamed. If so, the years are quiet, even the plants and trees become benevolent, and everything is fine. Instead of giving thanks to this worldly thing, the thought of dancing, but also the idea of ??killing, the rising sun, obstructing the eyes, blocking, and thus Time is rejected, curled up, and left coldly, promise you spring and autumn, let you weep in loneliness. Time is shallow. I do n��t like the word shallow. Shallow, like the skin, can be seen everywhere with the naked eye, a little deeper, light spring, light winter, different from the beginning, there is always a hint of arrogance, but it is disturbing With curiosity, I had to inquire and fell into a whirlpool for a long time. After all, until now, we have been winning; but except for that one, it was the only one that lost to time and lost a lifetime. Time is silent, greed is not allowed to grow, that period of time without complaining and complaining, do not hesitate, do not hesitate, firm conviction to hesitate to escape, it promises you to live in time, you promise to live this life, step on loneliness and loneliness, walk In the tunnel of time like water, even myself was touched. The annual rings on that forehead are not the marks of time, but the vicissitudes of frustration after a long battle. The impetuousness was finally defeated by the indifferent, walking in the turbid world, wanting to be crowded, and the flowers that are indomitable are inexhaustible. The fruit is a unity of mind and heart; looking within a short distance, thousands of mountains and rivers, those who ca n��t practice spiritually, are like sorrow flowers, before they blink, they have faded, and they are all deprived of their possessions. The sound didn't stop. Time is still warm, and I ca n��t bear the despair of the predicament. Those who have passed, who are walking, who cannot see, and who have not seen, are like the imprint of existence after the iron plate is burned, an inch of red, highlighting its style, That was the reason for the lingering of time. It was the evidence of indomitable iron. It was entangled for a long time. It was the same as the fallen leaves and was finally released. At that moment, I was not lost in my mind. Of course, the simplicity and so much to be desired, the complex flowering and fruiting, the spreading trend is intensifying, thinking and thinking, shocked and stunned, sighed and sighed, cursing time is not righteous, when not to go, no When it ��s time to leave, open your eyes and close your eyes, it ��s another autumn; tired of your body, tired of your soul, and suddenly look back, untouchable simplicity, just surround yourself, reach out, out of reach, let your thoughts fly away, and come as soon as you want. Time, where does it stop from being ignored? Young, it is a picture of everyone's confusion. It used to be that you do n��t have to think too much about happiness. Now, it is no longer. It is a smile that is often missed, and conquered by the real wood oil salt. Time is not young here. That was a story of self-intoxication. It was not until the end of the curtain call that we were able to wake up, a kind of gloomy loneliness and loneliness, carefully savoured, from dreams to hope, hope to disappointment, disappointment to despair, despair to the peak circuit Carton Of Cigarettes, then It is a nightmare of false alarm, that is the consoling consolation, that is the curse of sweet words, how many people have sunk here, and never come out again, time is not here. The biggest difference between youth and youth is to understand the meaning of growth. Time is light. We are now longing for beauty, no longer admiring perfection, inner contentment, in exchange for long-lost happiness, no longer fantasy, no futility, so What I do and think are connected to the scenery outside the window, linked to the times, no longer care about Ultraman, no longer struggle with King Kong's metamorphosis, no longer discuss the story of son-in-law; keep waiting until dusk, time, not Here. The biggest difference between the old and the young is the control of moaning. After a flash and a winter, I went through it again, lying on the bed, like a giraffe in the zoo, and looked at by everyone. That false dignity was dissipated. That was The swearing skin was surrendered, and the soul that had not been enveloped by death was redeemed; outside the window, the flying dandelion fell on the branch, and at that moment, time stopped, in exchange for a few smiles, and the pupils disappeared and passed away. Time understands that the place where it finally stays, although faced by the eyes of the people, means death, it is afraid, it is afraid of the sins that it got at that moment, it is afraid of the pain that it has tossed, it is timid, It's weak, it can't withstand the blows, it's painstakingly wanting to reverse the cycle, buried by the spitting stars we spit out, those times that have passed are already so cold and numb, it's gone, a Gone forever. Time is suspended above the tail of March. It does not belong here mokingusacigarettes.com, just as it does not belong to the upcoming April. Only the breeze, say goodbye to it, and we have always owned and never owned

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