The songs of winter are getting

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The songs of winter are getting farther and farther, and the pace of lightness in spring is getting closer and closer to us. In order to find the shy spring girl, our team decided to go down with the leadership of adults. came to Tuanchengshan Park, and the face-to-face was the freshness of the willow tree and the fragrance of the flowers. I came to a meadow with a beautiful flower. Its stem was dark green, about the size of a small thumb. The two sides of the stem were intertwined with many feathery leaves. These leaves are green, from a distance. A small flower that stands alone oning, we came to a wooden bridge, under the bridge is the green lake! In winter, everything is quiet, and the lake is dressed in green jade and jade Marlboro Gold. When the spring girl came, she was full of vitality, and there was a ripple of silk fish on the lake. It was beautiful! Opposite the willow tree, I am lovingly watching us, the long and slender willows like our songs, dancing with the melody of the wind.sed in this picturesque landscape, the green life has set off a microwave, with warmth coming to me: beautiful flowers, a beautiful smile blooms; green grass Marlboro Red 100S, the head out of the soil. All these affectionate landscapes are quiet in the beautiful spring.I was tired, I saw that there was a platform. There were a few elegant and arrogant black swans in the lake. There were some snacks in our little friends�� bags. I ran there and shared them. I took them out. The classmate sent me the apple, broke it a little, threw it into the lake, a black swan bent down the neck, put the apple in his mouth, learned the look of the lady, and chewed slowly. I was throwing some small apple debris and sprinkled it on the swan. It didn't know, and I was still swimming in grace. I looked up at me from time to time. The wet and wet eyes really made me feel pitiful. However, I am still somewhat disappointed, the result! A large group of swans glimpsed the food of the swan. All of them swam past and surrounded the swan. The swan that I was "victimized" did not know what was going on Cigarettes Cheaper. He was shocked and went to the center of the lake. Go, this is a lot of fun, a swan flees, a large group of swans chasing it, as if more than a dozen soldiers are chasing a deserter
We walked under the mountain and the mountain, and the time passed quietly, and the spring rain unknowingly wet my hair, cheeks, wet my thoughts, and set foot on the way home Newport Cigarettes Website. The smoke is lost. The road ahead, stretched far and far Marlboro Menthol 100S, under the breath of the lake and spring
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