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From a distant future, Dade led a human being, and it was vigorous and vigorous. When he entered the earth, he walked into the world, and he picked up countless red don, the mind is strong, the rose is fragrant, silky, top-down, self Bottom up, faintly drifting into the picture Wholesale Cigarettes Online, swaying and shining, passing on the long-term temper, this person is instinct, is God's vocabulary for human beings, "Chengdu Xiaohe, defeat also Xiaohe", the common feeling everyone has to go hunting, like "food "Color, sex," is the ability to cope with difficulties. Once it breaks out, it is very easy to vent, it is very easy, like eating and drinking Lazar, instinctive reaction; but to suppress, this kind of skill is the sorghum realm, extraordinary scent leisurely; let the venting venting clown Wholesale Newports, stupid dull Means of despicableness Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, like pigs and dogs, can only make everyone look down on them. They can��t look down. Only in the sound of spitting, the stench has been lingering for years. Mr. Hu Shi once said: ��The most disgusting thing in the world is like an angry Face; the most inferior thing in the world is to show angry faces to others. This is more uncomfortable than snoring." Look, the hateful face, like the star of the media attention, is so horrible, extremely boring, extremely boring, It��s so mad, it��s incompetent, and it��s almost equal to hell and the abyss. For all human diseases, such as an interview, Yang Lan asked Zhou Guoping: ��Why do we leave good temper to outsiders, but leave bad temper To the favorite philosopher who has always been a gentleman, he also said: "This mistake, I often make Zhou Guoping also said: "It is instinct to be picky about close people, but overcome instinct and do it. The person who is not picky is a kind of parenting. Everyone is inevitably guilty of making mistakes. If you commit crimes, you will be guilty of human beings, and your personality will be raised. It will collapse in an instant, let others re-examine and judge you. In view of this ignorance, let the construction and the color of the soul go one step further. Deep in the sea, the virtues of human nature, auspicious and frequent, lingering, shining, in our daily surroundings, driving away ugliness, restoring the true colors, shining, glowing, creating China's heritage of five thousand years of culture, extraordinary light Huiying China, dazzling the world, swaying with the cosmic sky, arrogant and arrogant, since it is said, it is precious; the words are sincere, there is no lack of humor and humor. Then the first step, how do we swear? Haha, when it is all The righteous person must first be righteous, from his own knife, one step in place, reaching the realm of the realm; from shallow to deep, from the outside to the inside Cigarette Wholesale, from the mind to the bone marrow, creating extraordinary miracles. For human nature, we may wish to be so bold, define the big knife Chang Yan, Shu Yuan Teng Mou: All talents are their own and Yan Yue color pioneers, leaving their true colors, everything will be It is worthless and in vain. Sincerely, it is not easy for us to live in the world. It is a companionship, a lifelong life, a lifelong life, a lifetime of life, a little hope and happiness. It may only exist in dreams. So for walking red dust, drifting in the rivers and lakes inn, you must relax the broad mind, peace of mind, see through all things, do not be happy, nothing is happy, nothing is angry with yourself, what They are all boring, nothing can be seen, and everything looks down on themselves... In this way, I live like a pig, a dog, a mosquito, a very tired, and lose myself early. I know that only the self is my own God, living forever. In my own dreams, if I walk in the red dust, I will be able to raise my hand, be polite Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, gentle and elegant, and get back and forth. I will be humbly and modest, and I will really taste and sing the joyful sounds, and I will continue to accompany each step of my life, adding color to the whole life. Becoming your own standard of the world is only to settle down yourself, to be able to treat your parents, family, wife, children, brothers and sisters, etc. Waiting for the blood source to be close to the pro, and Yan Yue color, in the filial piety love space, leave the good temper to the person who loves himself, avoid the cold-eyed face, be nitpicking to the close people, behave politely, always polite; even joking, Not losing the slightest measure; cold and warm, close and intimate; always grasping yourself, not exposing the human ugly side; respectful, respectful parents, and husband and wife love, but also husband and wife love and care for children, maintenance And care for the brothers and sisters, all the good faces are left to them; clothing, food and shelter, material care, lining, spiritual respect and emotional comfort; full of charm; can not be moody, to parents, family, wife, children, brothers and sisters, to make
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