Failure of plunger pump and its causes

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The pump vibrates too much. When the plunger pump is running, the whole machine vibrates, the noise increases, the screws of the connecting parts become loose, and the pipeline vibrates. The clamp retraction connecting the cross tappet and the plunger rod is loose; Motor or pump rolling bearing damage. (3) The fixing screw of the pump base connection is loose; (4) The gland of packing assembly loosens and exits, colliding with the connecting clamp; (5) insufficient pump liquid supply caused by empty pump.

In the process of pump operation, the indicator of pump pressure gauge swings, the running current decreases by 5 ~ lO %, the discharge decreases, and the pump efficiency is lower than 8O %.
Pump effect decline is due to the lack of water supply and pump head high pressure area seat, valve disc sealing caused by the following reasons: (1) water tank level below the lower limit, pump inlet pressure is less than 0.03mpa. (2) Due to the valve seat, the surface of the valve disc stab groove and other reasons to seat valve disc sealing lax.

The equipment factors of the plunger pump also directly affect the pump efficiency injection station is a single well single pump flow, each pump is three plungers, each plunger's work directly affects the pump efficiency, when some of the plunger pump in operation for a period of time, there is not working, so that the pump efficiency decline. The other is that the piston's work also affects pump efficiency.
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