features: I like to see the future of the charm of design

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It lacks the pandora charms sale uk more oxidised detail of the original suitcase, and is a lot more shiny. The travel charm is stamped with S925 ALE on the bottom of it, as you can just about see in the second picture. The red heart is also darker than the stock image suggests: its more wine-coloured. I prefer this, as it makes the charm look more sophisticated. Beginning tomorrow, UK Pandora fans are in for a treat with the annual Pandora winter sale! Jewellery pieces are available for up to 50% off, and theres a great selection this year. This sale is run officially by Pandora, so all stockists will be participating. The sale will be available both online and in store, although the items in the sale will vary depending on what each individual retailer has in stock. The sale is limited to UK residents only: official stockists are not permitted to ship to other regions. Unfortunately international readers will have to sit this one out.Sad

Today brings a detailed review of one of the pandora uk outlet sale new charms released for Valentines Day 2014: the new Love Note. I did say that I wouldnt be getting any of the new Pandora Valentines Day collection however, I hadnt accounted for my OH, who surprised me yesterday with the new Love Note charm. He allowed me an hour with it to take some pictures for the blog.Wink Now its been smuggled away until the 14th of February! To see a full overview of the Valentines collection, click here. Of course, the charm is fully articulating and opens to reveal a little message inside. You can click it shut to stop it opening but, when it is open, it doesnt swing open and shut too easily. Also, while this may differ from charm to charm, it was relatively easy to prise open. Unsurprisingly, the packaging for Valentines Day 2014 corresponds with their geometric-themed store decorations. The bag itself is white, and features a pink heart design. Several lucky Instagram users have been posting their Pandora loot, alongside the new Valentines Day gift bags.

Pandora seem to be continuing their trend of designing their pandora uk outlet sale collections to the seasons this is very clearly a summer-themed collection. Were also seeing a continuation of their trend of adding lots of cubic zirconia accents to the majority of the charms debuting. I have to say, the only charm that I particularly like is the little windmill charm its very cute. However, the orange muranos are nice, particularly as orange has been under-represented in Pandoras collections lately! Now that weve had the chance to see a good deal of the upcoming Spring and Summer collections, I thought Id share some of the designs that Id love Pandora to produce, with a bit of inspiration from other brands. Please feel free to share your own, I always love to hear other peoples ideas for designs. My favourite designs are the vintage quirky ones and the more romantic, fairy tale ones. I adored the Best of British series, and cutesy charms such as the Mittens dangle. Im also a big fan of cute animals, Im afraid to say. Consequently, its no surprise that my first request is for.

Todays post brings you an update on various Valentines promotions that are going on around the globe. There may well be other promotions for other regions coming up, but these are the ones Im aware of right now! I also just want to apologise for not being as efficient with my posting schedule over the last week or so, but Ive been a bit under the weather. Hopefully things will be back up to speed from now on!;)Unfortunately, Pandora retailers are not allowed to ship outside of their region. If you dont live in any of the mentioned regions and you fancy any of these deals, youll have to get a friend from overseas to help you! I particularly love the pink enamel rose jewellery I love all things flowers and pink, and it reminds me of the Spring 2013 collection, which was probably my favourite Pandora release ever! This, as far as Im aware, is set to have a matching charm and clip; I just dont have images for those as of yet pandora uk sale clearance

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