Superposition valve classification introduction

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Can foul-smelling feces become items needed in daily life? This is not science fiction, but it is truly realized by a group of young American entrepreneurs who have just graduated from college. This idea sounds unbelievable, but after careful study, people have to admire its creativity. These young entrepreneurs use microorganisms to digest the carbon in organic fertilizers and turn it into raw materials for plastic bags. Plastic products made of this raw material can be degraded within a year after being discarded. In this way, not only the problem of fecal disposal is solved, but also the pollution of plastics to the environment is reduced, and the dependence of plastic products on petroleum is also reduced.

This plastic product can not only be degraded in the garbage dump after being discarded, but also can be degraded after being implanted in the human body, and it has no toxic side effects, and does not produce inflammation and other rejection phenomena, which makes this plastic in biomedical applications. It has great application prospects, for example, it can be made into absorbable medical sutures, and temporary stents or catheters that do not need to be removed.

Plastics made of PHA have an average degradation time of one and a half years. If it is placed on a shelf or in a cabinet, it can be stored for a longer time. But if they are thrown into landfills, compost piles or even the ocean, they will degrade quickly and leave no harmful substances. According to statistics, there are 100 million tons of non-degradable plastic floating in the North Pacific Ocean, harming marine life and destroying the food chain. The application of this new technology is expected to greatly reduce the damage of plastics to the environment.

Traditional manure treatment methods are mainly incineration or chemical treatment. These methods are expensive and will convert organic carbon elements into large amounts of carbon dioxide and release them into the atmosphere, aggravating the greenhouse effect. Traditional plastics are refined from petroleum, which converts limited petroleum into non-degradable white garbage, which harms the environment. This ** technology kills two birds with one stone, clever use of microbial transformation in nature, "turns feces into treasure", and produces economic benefits while reducing pollution.

Although the company is still in the initial trial stage, it can only process a few tons of manure and sludge every day, and only produce tens of kilograms of plastic raw materials, but the company has been encouraged to carry out the "Goddess of Hunting Project" in the field of water resources. In 2010, "Water Resources ** Leadership" and other awards, and received certain investment.

People have reasons to hope that this technology can be widely adopted and used, and hope that such environmentally friendly business ideas emerge in endlessly, proving that environmental protection and efficiency do not necessarily run counter to each other. Through smart **, environmental protection and efficiency can also be superior and unified.
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