The mist in the kitchen

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The mist in the kitchen is like a gauze, separating us. It��s so close, when I feel that the sunset is hanging in the low place, like a smashed autumn persimmon, listless. Afterglow, the half of the sky is rendered incredibly magnificent, and the Xiaguang that blew down like a stream, reflecting the smoke rising far and near. The soft glow of the sun poured into the dark kitchen, and there was a low-pitched voice in the kitchen, like a Beijing opera. Grandma sat on the stool, her figure was drenched in a layer of gold powder in the evening. Since the death of Grandpa, the more live the grandmother is, the less likely it is to be seen. She used her iPad to send her grandson and stuffed her homework to her granddaughter. The cooking was suddenly salty and faint, and the accounts were in a mess. At dusk, I often stared at the photos of my grandfather��s life, and forgot my grandson in kindergarten...�� I asked my grandmother to weave towels, watch TV, and dance, but she will always be lively. The stranger on the occasion. Gradually, I alienated her. She often listened to the screaming with a small radio, singing Beijing opera, and listening to my distraction. I took the radio and shouted: "Oh, this I heard a nasty death!" She was like a child who made a mistake, bowed her head, squatted and slowly walked out. In order to criticize her, I quietly listened to the radio in the room. It turned out to be grandma and grandfather. I sang in the middle, and my grandmother recorded him. I already heard tears in my face. After listening, I quietly went out and closed the door. At this time she was sitting on the sofa watching TV, her eyes watching TV Look at the indifferent musty smell. At this time she is close at hand, but always feel that we are far apart. I went up and chatted with her about the laughing star on TV Marlboro Lights, she was arrogant, and she laughed a few times. Perhaps it is afraid of me, she excuses that she wants to burn Just put me alone on the sofa. She is slow in the kitchen, and often stops to think thoughtfully. At this time, I think of my grandfather. Grandpa always chats with her when she is cooking, at that time, Grandma is on the right hand and is in good order. Looking at her grandmother's back Cigarettes For Sale. I feel the tremendous impact of the passing of time - unconsciously, my grandmother has gone into the lonely old age. I walked into the kitchen and silently opened the cooker hood she forgot to open. I gave her a piece of candy in her mouth, smiling and watching her clumsy things, the kitchen was quiet, and the sound of the range hood gave us a tacit warmth. I smiled at my grandmother and she smiled at me Wholesale Cigarettes. A feeling of happiness comes to my heart. It is still the distance that can be touched so close, and the years that can be turned around take away the person, and everything becomes so far away.

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