The traditional sports will be integrated into existing

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GUANGZHOU Air Jordan 6 Retro For Sale , Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Who knows why a dolphin would leave its home in the Pearl River Estuary and swim upstream to the sprawling metropolis of Guangzhou, but last week, a Chinese white dolphin (Sousa chinensis) did just that.

The straying cetacean hit the headlines when it was spotted playing near a bridge in the heart of the southern city, nine days ago.

Excited onlookers named it Dabai Air Jordan 12 Retro For Sale , the Chinese name for the Marvel character known as Baymax in the West, the friendly white robot from hit movie "Big Hero 6".

The Chinese white dolphin is endangered and enjoys class-1 state protection. Dabai might be an overnight sensation, but the longer she stays in fresh water, the less likely it becomes that she will ever make it back to the sea. "Dabai's skin is showing signs of festering. We can see some yellow spots on it Air Jordan 11 Retro For Sale ," said Yao Fang of Guangzhou fisheries bureau.

"No white dolphin has been seen so far in inland waters since 1991," said Chen Xi of the Pearl River Estuary Chinese white dolphin national nature reserve.Around 1,800 of these dolphins live around Lingding Island in the estuary, one of the most important habitats for the species.

Dabai may have lost her way chasing fish Air Jordan 1 Retro For Sale , or because her sensory sonar system has some problems due to old age. The average life of these dolphins is 30 to 40 years and Dabai appears to be around 25.

Although people have seen the dolphin jumping up from the water from time to time, it is not easy to locate her in such a huge river. The fisheries bureau has tried to track her, sending six speed boats in the hope of guiding her home, but all to no avail.

Over-fishing Air Jordan Retro For Sale , water traffic and marine projects have all degraded the Chinese white dolphin's environment. The decline of offshore fisheries has caused a food shortage, so they must risk leaving the safety of the reserve to search for food, and face the possibility of losing their way or being stranded on the shore.

There are dozens of specimens of white dolphins in an exhibition room at Sun Yat-Sen University. Some were injured and killed by the propellers of high-speed passenger ferries, while others were accidentally trapped in fishing nets. In 2014 eight white dolphins were known to have died after swimming upstream.

Measures to protect the dolphins are in place Jordan 6 Retro For Sale , including rescue teams, preventing ships passing through the reserve, regular patrols and monitoring of the population, but Yao Fang wants more to be done to protect bio-diversity in the estuary and restore fish stocks.

"I'm very worried about Dabai. I hope she goes home to her family and friends as soon as possible Jordan 12 Retro For Sale ," said a Guangzhou citizen who has tracked her for several days.

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 19 (Xinhua) -- Four stadiums will be used to host football matches during the Rio 2016 Olympics, organizers announced on Wednesday.

Rio de Janeiro's iconic Maracana, Salvador's Arena Fonte Nova Jordan 11 Retro For Sale , Brasilia's Mane Garrincha and Belo Horizonte's Mineirao stadium have been chosen for the tournament, according to the official Twitter account of Rio's 2016 organizing committee.

The venues will also be used during this year's FIFA World Cup.

Meanwhile local officials said Olympic sailing test events would be held in Rio's Guanabara Bay in August. Other test events will be staged between July 2015 and May 2016.

The Rio Olympics, the first to be held in South America, will be held from August 5 to 21 Jordan 1 Retro For Sale , 2016.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11 (Xinhua) -- A new study by researchers at Stanford University shows the effects of deforestation and climate change are amplified into a one-two punch that pushes vulnerable rainforest species towards extinction, while dry-climate species persist.

The findings, published in Ecology Letters, could help guide decisions about where land can be converted to agriculture while minimizing species losses.

"The current and future climate of a region must be considered when evaluating the impact of habitat conversion," said lead author Luke Frishkoff, a Stanford biology doctoral student at the time of the research.

"By paying attention to current and future regional climate, agricultural landscapes may be modified in practical ways to minimize harm to, and maybe even benefit, wildlife," said Frishkoff.

Studying more than 300 bird species across Costa Rica in central America over 12 years and compiling one of the most extensive data sets on biodiversity in the tropics, the researchers found that when rainforests were cleared for agriculture, bird species that require wetter climates tended to die out, while dry-climate birds took their place.

This is likely because agricultural areas more closely resemble the scrubland and savannah habitats of many dry-climate birds.

Whatever the reason, according to the researchers, it seems clear that dry-climate species will be more resilient to future changes in both climate and land use.

"When people cut down trees, there are cascades that impact tropical forest species and de-forested environments," said co-author Elizabeth Hadly, the Paul S. and Billie Achilles Professor in Environmental Biology and a Stanford Woods Institute senior fellow.

"Not only do these cleared landscapes lead to a decrease in humidity, but their air temperatures increase locally too."

Protecting wildlife while feeding a world population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050 is a defining challenge of our era.

At least three-quarters of the world's land surface is directly affected by humans and the rest is vulnerable to human-caused impacts such as climate change.

Current projections forecast that about half of Earth's plants and animals will go extinct over the next century because of human activities, mostly due to our agricultural methods.

"We focused on the wildlife-rich tropics, because change is expected to be especially dramatic the. Cheap Eagles Jerseys Cheap Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys Cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Cheap Team Sweden Hockey Jerseys Cheap Team North America Hockey Jerseys Cheap Minnesota Wild Jerseys Cheap Dallas Stars Jerseys Wholesale Buffalo Sabres Jerseys
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