Along with the bears, there is also a bountiful number

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British Columbia is a remote province situated on the west coast of Canada Wesley Sneijder Netherland Jersey , 80 kilometers north of Campbell River. When hunting season arrives a lot of people from all over the United States and Canada (some even from foreign countries) visit British Columbia to go on a whitetail hunting adventure A significant part of British Columbia is known for its wildlife abounds by a mammalian population that people dont normally witness in the United States of America. Abundant in healthy populations are grizzly bears, black bears, and the Kermode bears or spirit bears making British Columbia the most popular go-to for bear hunting enthusiasts. British Columbia has been featured on <"http:pursuitchannel">Pursuit Channel as a premiere hunting location many times.

Along with the bears, there is also a bountiful number of deer, wolves Virgil van Dijk Netherland Jersey , moose, elks, cougars, coyotes, lynx Vincent Janssen Netherland Jersey , and a lot more animals you can hunt.

Glendale Cove is the place where a huge fraction of the grizzly bears are found. On the other hand, the black bears population per square mile in British Columbia is the most impressive in all of North America. They can grow to massive sizes, 6 sometimes 7 feet, but of course you should not forget to acquire a hunting license before anything else.

Given its geographical beauty, British Columbia is a place enjoyed by many for activities such as camping Tonny Vilhena Netherland Jersey , hiking, mountain climbing, mountaineering, fishing and as mentioned, hunting. Many people have attested to British Columbia Tim Krul Netherland Jersey , Canada being the most popular and alluring location for avid bear hunters, it has even been featured in so many hunting shows online as well as science and wild life shows. If you have been long craving for the thrill brought by hunting and have never in your life seen the beauty of a bear in person, its time for you to hit British Columbia soon.

Bear hunting season usually falls sometime in spring or peak fall when the salmons start swimming back to the river. Hunters find it very exciting to use the method of spot and stalk. British Columbia doesnt allow the method of baiting. Many spot 5 to 10 bears a day and successfully stalk and kill 1. Thats a considerably amazing number. As hunters have insisted, bear encounters in British Columbia are incomparable.

Every British Columbia Bear Hunting Season ends beautifully with proud hunters and their pictures with massive bears. During the previous 2014 British Columbia Bear Hunting Season, their rates shot up to an impressing 100% opportunity and 85% success on black bear hunts. Youd be able to view some grizzlies too but most of the time Steven Berghuis Netherland Jersey , the kills are just black bears.

The full 6-day May British Columbia Bear Hunt will probably cost you an amount of $3500, while the June hunt rate is at $4500. These fees are usually inclusive of a service from the airport in Prince George to the actual venue. If a hunter decides to take a second bear, he would be allowed to do so with a trophy fee of around $2500. A wolf would cost you less, nothing more than $100. Whitetail hunting is also cheaper.

So what are you stalling for? Get your gear and equipment ready, start inviting your friends who you know are interested in bear hunting too Stefan de Vrij Netherland Jersey , book for the season, and enjoy spotting and stalking your dream kill at the next British Columbia Bear Hunting Season. Dont forget to post your proud pictures on the net for everybody to see how truly amazing bear hunting is in BC, Canada.
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