At that time, beauty is

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At that time, beauty is around us as long as you open the window of the soul Marlboro Cigarettes Price, carefully observe er; some people say that beauty lies in a true greeting from a friend; others say that beauty lies in the warm words of loved ones. I think that beauty is in the deepest part of people's minds. Only the appearance of beauty has no beautiful heart, and it is also "the e eager footsteps, beauty is everywhere, there is no time, as long as you pay attention to observation, beauty, is around. On weekends, my mother and I took the bus and drove to the store. Through the transparent glass window, I saw the beauty of fairyland in fairy tales. Occasionally, a blue sky is mixed with a white cloud. In this cheerful music, with the sudden braking, the people of the whole car swooped forward and leaned heavily on the back of the chair. "What's wrong?" The driver walked down from the driver's seat and was sorry to tell us that the car was broken. "How come so bad!" My good mood suddenly disappeared. After getting out of the car, we accepted the strict test of the winter. The driver called and headed for a luxurious car. He came down from the car. He was skilled and quick and not lacking in style. He walked straight to us, looked at the driver and asked about the situation. Humph! Is it deliberately stinking? Still angry? Hey, what is this? He actually got into the car and repaired the car with the driver. They cooperated very well, and his brand-name down jacket was also covered with dark oil, but he did not care. Their heads have already been sweating. Under the action of the cold air, a hot air came out from the head Marlboro Gold. After a long struggle, we can get on the bus again. When the driver sang thank you, he waved his hand indifferently, saying that this is what he should naturally do. This is the first beautiful scenery on my trip. In a full-scale store, there are as many people as there are items. Bargaining, the noise is one after another. There is no selling sound, watching those salesmen nod their heads, "Welcome", "Thank you for visiting", said to be gentler than the cat. I was accompanying my mother to choose a shirt and swaying to a big drunkard. Auntie immediately went to say hello: "Mr., welcome, what do you need? Please come in and see!" A smile on the face. The drunkard is almost coming in. Just ordered a piece of clothing. "Come, you see how much I can wear. Find me one!" I looked at it, he has a veritable beer belly! After the aunt came back, her face was full of smiles. "This gentleman, look, is this suitable for you?" He glanced at it "too small! Give me a large one! Fast!" Sorry, this is the biggest number, this one Great for you. "This is really big, 200% is right." Are you saying that I am fat? "This is clearly a provocation! The auntie does not change color." Sorry, I don't mean this. If you really need a shirt, you may have a good trip to the second store. "In the face of unreasonableness, I am still not angry. The people around me praised them. Auntie said with a smile: "The respect of 300% of the guests is our aim. It is our commitment to let the guests choose the most satisfactory clothes Carton Of Cigarettes. After listening to these words, I was awe-inspiring, the drunkard, all the wine, I don��t know if I was drunk or shy, my face was flushed, and I naturally apologized. Out of the crowded shop, I was squatting across the floor. He was ragged. I will turn a blind eye to the half of the broken bowl in front of me. I really want to rush to give him money. But I think, if I go to give money, he is purely a beggar, relying on others to give meals, I am not like a husband who repairs a car. Is it mistaken to think of playing big cards? I should give him self-respect and respect him Online Cigarettes, like a salesman. I went into the store again and bought a pair of gloves and hats. I am kneeling in front of you. "These are the ones that I lend to you. You have hands and feet. You don't need others to give them. After you work to earn money, you will return them to me. He listened, his eyes filled with firmness and joy Cigarettes For Sale, and stood up in a hurry. "I won't kneel down to others in the future!" "Day, it is bluer than before, and there are more beautiful clouds. The famous sculptor Rodin said, "There is no beauty in life, but the lack of beauty." Belinsky also commented on beauty. They are all sent from the depths of the soul.
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