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Rap megastar Jay Z will make his debut performance in India at a music festival to raise awareness about poverty , event organizers said on Monday.

The Global Citizen Festival, which was established in 2012, is intended to highlight the major challenges facing India, including sanitation facilities in the country's rural areas and the provision of elementary education.

"The line-up for November's performance includes Coldplay, Jay Z and various Indian artists including Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan among others," Sabbas Joseph from Wizcraft event management company told journalists.

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin serves as the creative director of the Global Citizen Festival and is responsible for the concert line-up, he added.

The gig will take place in Mumbai with nearly 80 percent of tickets given away, the organization announced during the launch event that was attended by Hindi screen legend Bachchan and Nelson Mandela's grandson Kweku Mandela.

Bollywood actors Farhan Akhtar, Katrina Kaif and Oscar-winning musician AR Rahman will also perform at the charity event.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared at the festival in 2014 to lend his support to its goals.

While senior golfers would insist that golf clothing should be plain and simple as per the traditions, contemporary golfers defend their preference for funky golf shirts as part of rules which are sometimes meant to be broken or bent. Adding a bit of twist to the age-old rules is indeed a lot of fun, especially when it serves the purpose of rendering the occasion light-hearted without being too casual. Therefore, revamping your wardrobe and filling it with funky and trendy mens golf clothing is the way to go if you intend to take up this sport in the near future.

Apparel has been treated as a showcase of an individualís personality since time immemorial and keeping this psychology in mind, what could be a better way of presenting your personality than wearing funky golf shirts? With a variety of styles lining the shelves today all that is required of the golfer is to identify a pattern or a color which best reflects his attitude and carry it off confidently at his next game. Today mens golf clothing could fluctuate within a wide spectrum with bright colors like orange and pink on one end and pure jet black on the other with everything in between.

Contemporary mens golf clothing is a welcome change from the sober style of yesteryears and can be expressed through shirts, trousers and accessories. While shirts could be plain, patterned or a vivid combination of colors, trousers could be selected in bright shades like red, white or even turquoise. Likewise, accessories could be selected in colors which best match the outfit or complement it as closely as possible. However, the only word of caution pertaining to your funky golf shirts is that in case these are an eyesore to fellow golfers then one day even you could fall victim to the same problem.

Some of the latest designs in the mens golf clothing segment are base layers, hi-tech waterproofs and moisture transporting polo shirts. Base layer refers to the technologically advanced stretch fabric which absorbs the moisture one hand and retains heat on the other. Therefore, opting for funky golf shirts equipped with a base layer is one of the best ways to keep warm on a cold and windy day while the opposite effect can be enjoyed with the moisture transporting fabric on a hot summer day. The latter is designed in such a way that it permits sufficient ventilation and is breathable too.

One of the latest introductions in the range of trendy mens golf clothing is hi-tech waterproofs. These, as the name suggests, are capable of keeping the water out without compromising on the breathability aspect of the fabric. Funky golf shirts lined with this fabric are readily available in a variety of qualities and this is determinant of the price as well. Thus while amateurs and beginners can try the low priced variety for the sake of experimenting, experienced golfers can select a well known brand which would last for at least a couple of years.

Funky golf shirts are an indispensible requisite for every avid golfer which is why using this theme to gift someone with a hamper is a great idea. Since it is meant as a gift, bearing the recipientís mentality and likings in mind is a must and some of the options which can be considered are slogans, patterns, funny and plaid. In case there is nothing that seems suitable it is possible to go for customized mens golf clothing and add a personal touch which would also serve as a life-long reminder.

How to investigation for top designer jackets Englemann Sawer
Submitted 2014-04-04 14:22:40 As with every other clothing, it has by no means been easy to find affordable and fashionable designer jackets for youngsters. However, there are many ways of making sure you child is within the hottest designer jackets and also for less. There are numerous ways upon how to afford designer jackets for kids. Nonetheless, consider your child's gender when buying a designer jacket. Most parents usually have difficulty to get the best garments for their girls. The best way to locate such jackets is to go to the kid's clothing shop, which offers great jackets at good prices. It is important you look at the idea of buying jackets that are a single size up because these ones can also be used on the following year.

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