ll aspects of metabolism and body temperature. Reports state

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KIEV, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- An explosion killed three people and injured 10 others during a march in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Sunday afternoon, the Interfax news agency reported.

The explosion was caused by an explosive device thrown from a passing car into the crowd marching in procession to mark the first anniversary of the regime change.

Kharkiv regional police chief Anatoly Dmitriyev voiced his suspicion that the explosion was a "terrorist attack".

A team of investigators were working at the scene.


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" Hypothyroidism is a condition, wherein the thyroid gland in the human body does not produce enough thyroid hormone. This condition needs a medical diagnosis as lab tests are available to diagnose it.

What are the effects of hypothyroidism?

The deficiency of thyroid hormone in the human body can disturb many other things in the body like heart rate, all aspects of metabolism and body temperature. Reports state that this condition is something that is common in older women. The relieving news is that herbal treatment for hypothyroidism will help women and even some men with this problem to get out of the same.

What are the major symptoms?

Only symptoms force us to opt for a diagnosis test and here are the common symptoms associated with hypothyroidism: unexplained weight gain, dry skin, constipation, sensitivity to cold and fatigue. Mood swings and lethargy are also stated to be common symptoms associated with this issue. In the case of people with young age, it will cause delayed puberty or slow growth. In the case of older women, it can cause problems like irregular menstruation, heavy menstruation and even absence of menstruation. It can cause hair loss and dryness of hair. In addition to constipation, it can cause water retention under the category of gastrointestinal p. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Jerseys From China NHL Jerseys China MLB Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys China New NFL Jerseys From China Nike NFL Jerseys Online College Hockey Jerseys Cheap
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