The paper can't hold the fire [

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The paper can't hold the fire Cheap Cigarettes, the flower magnolia is the girl Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the palace in this trouble is boiling, and somehow it is passed to the ear of Khan. Let me tell you the next story!According to the provisions of the military law, a woman cannot enter a military camp, and the offender is a "death sin." Khan summoned the ministers to discuss how to deal with Mulan. Everyone felt that this was difficult to deal with. Mulan violated the military law, but Mulan��s merits and deeds were outstanding, and he also made great contributions to the country. But between the military law and the merits, only one answer can be chosen, and the ministers each hold a word. Some people think that the military law is like a mountain. This is a fact that cannot be changed. If you do not pursue Hua Mulan, how can you explain it to the people of Lebanon? What will the country govern? More people think that Mulan is guilty, but how many times she has made plans, heroic and good at war, and has made great achievements again and again; although Mulan is a daughter, but in every battle, she shows the hero The temperament is incomparable to the average man. In short, Mulan��s contribution to the country is enormous, and this is an indelible fact. The ministers said that they have their own reasons, and Khan was also made to play. In the end, they decided to call Mulan into the palace and make the final judgment, because Khan did not want to kill the female hero like Mulan.ulan wore women's clothes into the palace, her face full of calm smiles. Khan was intimidated by the dressing and calmness of Mulan Carton Of Newports, thinking: "I want to judge her, but she is calm and calm, and she has to wear women's clothing." However, she is quite pretty wearing a women's dress, not at all worse than the scorpions.hen I arrived at Shengtang. Mulan calmly said: "Khan you are wise, the little girl took the soldiers to fight for 12 years, and set up so many merits, just because the woman can not enter the military camp, but kills and kills, what is the reason?" "If this time let you go Marlboro Lights, Then, how can you serve the people in the future? If you forget the law, you will be guilty of death, but you will see that you have made a great contribution Marlboro Red 100S, and you will not be punished. Go on." Home.fterwards, Khan always refused to go with himself, and once again called Mulan into the palace. This time, it was different. Khan actually fell in love with Mulan and declared that she became a blind man. Mulan��s snoring life has ended here and has become Khan��s favorite scorpion.
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