In the past two days

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In the past two days, a large shed was suddenly added to the open space at the entrance of the community. The shed was filled with tables and benches, and the stove was set up outside. It was cooked and fried every day. Three meals a day, every meal, the shed is full of people Newport 100S Carton Price, men push cups for drinks, drink and punch, women and children eat a big mouth while laughing, but how can you believe This lively and festive banquet turned out to be a mourning for the deceased. Sometimes they are still eating rice. I heard someone shouting: When the time is up Wholesale Cigarette, the dutiful sons and grandsons, it��s time to cry, and a dramatic scene has emerged: The men immediately put down the wine glasses and wiped the oil stains on their mouths Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S. It seems that this rub can wipe off the last one's festive celebrations; the women have not waited for the dishes to be put down, even before they have time to collect their faces. The smile began to tidy up the filial pies on the body, and burst into tears like a performance drama; the children were forced to leave the banquet, and they did not forget to reach out and take the half-legged chicken legs and a group of filial sons. In the waiters' wait and see, they lined up in a long line, crying with all kinds of hysterical and screaming patterns. However, in this performance cry, the real sorrow is a bit of a sorrow. If the heart is really sad, it is necessary to use these funny forms to pave the way for one of the seven sages of the Wei and Jin Dynasties. It is a famous filial son. He is also An extremely lonely person, who was never bound by any secular rites, died when his mother died. He was playing chess at friends and people. The family found him and asked him to go home and go to the funeral. He insisted on putting the chess down, then asked the owner for the wine, drank three fights in one breath, and then spit blood, only to start crying in the mother��s death, he also I did not observe the rituals before the spirit, but still drink and eat meat every day, and cast a blind eye on the friends and relatives who come to the ceremony. On the day of the mother��s burial, he still drank and ate meat. When he said goodbye to his mother��s body, he vomited blood, and this was another cry of madness. It��s really not for the ritual rules. However, his love for his mother��s son is not the same as the movie "The world��s most painful person in the world" starring Siqin Gaowa, who is able to follow the ceremonial world. The people who fell in love fell in tears. I remember that there is such a sentence in the film: I am not filial, but my mother who has loved her mother has had a brain atrophy. Although the operation was very successful, the condition has not improved. Looking at the mother's increasingly old-fashioned pace, and the more dull eyes, I understand the painful thing, the mother will leave her. I can't accept the fact that she tried her best to keep her mother, bought a treadmill for her mother, and forced her to exercise every day. The mother's body couldn't keep up with the shackles, which made her more afraid. She shouted at her mother and forced her to move around the house with anger. Because I love her, you want her to live longer, even if she knows that she is old and sick, you still have to deceive yourself and say "NO"! She said that she is tired and can't walk anymore. You will let her sit quietly in the sun waiting for the coming of death, but if you love her, you will force her to strengthen and force her and more and more. The fear of death near you can make you extremely sad. No matter how hard you try, you can't keep her. The person who loves you the most in the world finally walks and says that she is not sad Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, just angry, you obviously I have said that I have to accompany me for a lifetime. I haven��t agreed yet. How can you be an old man who has left his 90-year-old mother in the year of his armor? He calmly held a funeral and ushered in it. Everything is there Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale. sequence. He never shed half a tear in front of his mother's spirit. The family only said that he was old because he was already obsessed with life and death. He felt that he was so calm and reasonable. After the funeral of the mother was over, the old man of the flower Sitting in the room where my mother lived, looking at the empty walls, I suddenly said to his old wife: I have never had a mother again! Then I cover my face and cry, like a child, I have been crying for a long time without stopping. Hu Pei wrote in "The Days After Grandma Goes": The so-called death from death, may not be conscious at first, until completely lost, never see again, will slowly appear, like a tree pattern The annual ring grows into the trunk, and the outsiders can't see it. The life itself knows that the light-receiving courtyard is late, and the fall is cut and cut. Real sadness is an indescribable pain. You walked through the familiar road, and it is still the beginning of the month. It is still a breeze, but you know that the person who used to be will never come back. Suddenly, you burst into tears.
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