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In June 011 Marlboro Gold, I was a clerk in a company in Sichuan. One day I was working on a computer. When I was halfway through it, suddenly my computer didn��t have a network. I rushed to find Unicom, and the sky was smashing. It was light rain Newport Cigarettes. Because of the rainy road slip, I accidentally fell down when I stepped down the stairs. I sprained my foot. I fell directly to the ground. I fell into the mud, and I couldn��t laugh. The pedestrians crossing the road were turning around. Someone said, "Are you okay? Send you to the hospital?" I, barely stood up, and said a few words to the pedestrians. It was a few thanks, and I insisted on going back to the office. In the afternoon, my feet were swollen like bread, and the pain was almost impossible. I still insisted on going to work. Xiao Tan, a girlfriend in the same dormitory, advised me not to go. I said that I can stick to it. Xiao Tan is holding me, but my feet can��t be smashed at this time. It��s very painful and painful, and Xiao Tan goes to the leadership Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I took the time to go to the hospital for examination. The result of the film was a sprain of the soft tissue of the ankle Marlboro Cigarettes. I couldn��t move to the evening. The leaders and colleagues bought me the best joint sprain, swelling and painkilling medicine. Xiao Tan gave me I also bought the food back Cheap Cigarettes, and bought me fresh milk, fruit, after eating, I was lying in bed, looking at the inability to move my feet and swollen instep, I was in a bad mood, I was sad Tears. In order to take care of me, Xiao Tan gave me the rice every day and put the chopsticks back. She went to the cafeteria to eat. After I came back, I washed the bowl. My washing clothes were also helped by her. She took care of me. For more than half a month, under the care of the company's leaders and colleagues, and my daughter's careful care, my feet can walk for life. I am far from home, from one environment to another. The fate allowed me to meet, know and live with my girlfriend in the same dormitory. My heart can't be calm. I am alone in a foreign land, I have encountered difficulties, what should I do? What I feel is that a distant relative is not as good as a close friend and a girlfriend. I always think that a trace of sincerity can overcome a thousand gold, a trace of warmth can reach the frost . I will always be grateful to help others. I said to my girlfriend from the heart: "Thank you for your sincereness." I just want to keep this sincere friendship in my heart forever, let the flowers of friendship always open, never let go, let the friendship last forever. Now, I have been back in Xinjiang for 3 years. I have always been very forgetful about this matter. I have been silently blessing my friend Xiao Tan.

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