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Just outside the age of 3, my granddaughter's daughter is called soft. Her mother made this delicate name for her. She hoped that she would grow up to be gentle and kind, polite and treat others. Don't be like some of the only ones who are now, and they are stubborn and even arrogant. This day is Saturday, soft and with my mother to Xiguan family hospital to see me, greedy here the lush, elegant and secluded environment, until the lunch is coming upstairs. She smiled and stretched out the tender little hand and said, "Grandfather, look!" Ah, it turned out to be three broad broad magnolia leaves, the leaves are thick and yellowish brown, apparently naturally shed in the metabolism. I did not expect that the Magnolia, which I liked in the small yard, also aroused the interest of my granddaughter, and even the leaves that she had fallen off became a plaything that attracted her Marlboro Gold. Guang Yulan, this is a very female name. But I like it, not because of this name, it is its broad and fat leaves, and its tenacious vitality Cigarettes Online. I know that Guangyulan began in the early 1980s. At that time, I just transferred to the radio and television system, which is a grassroots site of the radio and television system. Every time I go, I will come to see the comrades on duty. It is located in the urban-rural junction, relatively remote, surrounded by farmers' vegetable fields. Once, the sky was under heavy snow, and the yard was white. Only in a small flower bed, a small tree stood straight in the middle, and the thick green leaves swayed against the snow. I asked the staff member the name of the tree. They said it was Guangyulan. I said, "It's so strong! It doesn't change the green when it's snowing." At that time, I wanted to compare it to the staff on duty here: the surrounding wilderness was frozen, and a computer room of hundreds of square meters was like the snow. Isolated islands, several window-type air conditioners are hard to keep out of the cold. Our duty staff trembled and shivered. Still like this magnolia, I was strong guarded by the transmitter. I remembered this site when I remembered this site. Guangyulan, every time I will take care of everyone to protect it. By the end of the 1980s, this magnolia had grown lush, and the roof of the bungalow next to it was tall and growing into a big tree. At this time, due to various reasons, the reform of the unit encountered resistance. The relevant departments in the city kept sending the working group down to check. I was already overwhelmed and poorly coped, and I could no longer take care of this Guangyulan. In a late autumn, this small flower bed inexplicably ignited a fire, and the firewood and dried flower straw piled up inside burned a fine light. This magnolia was also burned with leaves and leaves, everyone thought it was dead, and it was hard to survive. I stood by the tree and picked up a few leaves that were burnt to the ground but still huge. I thought about this difficult situation in this section. I felt quite sorry for the same illness. I couldn��t help but sigh: Are you really dead? Soon, the unit��s reform breakthrough The resistance continued and the situation gradually improved. In the spring of the early 1990s, I accompanied the leaders to check the work here. I accidentally discovered that this magnolia had issued new branches, and it was extremely strong and the leaves were green and thick. I said to the Secretary: "Look, this Guangyulan, who has been burned for two years by fire, has come alive again!" He also stroked the branches of Guangyulan and said with amazement: "Good sign, good sign! Explain the water and soil here. Well, its vitality is strong. Since the disaster is not dead, this tree will have a long future." Since then, this tree has really like the words of Jinkou Yu, screaming and growing up. The attendant of the transceiver room looked at it and paid for it, removing the weeds around it and trying to create a good environment for her growth. Two years later, it stood out from a few low-lying shrubs in the vicinity. Once again, the flat roof next to the shoulders went deeper with the reform, and the economic situation of the unit quickly improved. I thought about doing something practical for everyone. After several leaders repeatedly researched and sought expert opinions, it was decided to build two family buildings in the north and south hatchbacks of the yard. The infrastructure on the second floor took four to five years, during which time the yard was so smoldering that it was a mess. When the building was built, I saw that the original green leaves of this magnolia had already become gray-faced, and the roots were full of construction waste, which was like a abandoned child. I regret that I have forgotten it in recent years. Then, the unit plan to beautify the yard. I liked trees since I was a child. When I was sorting out the courtyard, I decided that all the trees should not be destroyed. It goes without saying that the reason for me to do this is to protect this Magnolia. Because I have always been jealous of it, and the small flower beds where it is located have expanded a lot of new flower beds that must be demolished, and are filled with chrysanthemums and rose flowers of various varieties. This magnolia was removed from the old flower beds and planted in the middle of the new flower beds. The ground here is wide, sunny, and protected by surrounding railings. The weather, the location, the people and the excellent. In a few years, the power of Guangyulan's savings when it was suppressed was quickly emanating and soon grew into a big tree. Now, the tree of Guangyulan has been able to reach the pillars. The height of the tree has passed the fourth floor, and the canopy can cover the entire flower bed. In addition, the leaves are hypertrophy, and the seasons are evergreen. Every time in the shade of the summer, the trees are densely opaque and breezy mokingusacigarettes.com. In the winter, the surrounding willows have withered, but the green is still green, and the spring is in the snow. Every time I go out and return, once I enter the gate, the figure of its stalwart will come into my eyes and give me a warm feeling Online Cigarettes. It has become a unique landscape in the small courtyard, a symbol of our homeland. The granddaughter's daughter came back softly every week, enjoying the coolness around it in the summer, building a snowman next to it in the winter, and playing with the children in the yard. Now in the spring of Hunchun, some of the huge old leaves of Guangyulan have been replaced by new leaves and quietly fell under the tree. I took the softly handed leaves and used the tape measure to measure the amount from the petiole to the tip of the leaf to a length of 24 cm. The leaf surface was 11 cm wide, which is the elder of the arbor leaves. It's no wonder that she loves it so much at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. She is soft and wants to leave, and she has specially brought the three leaves of Magnolia. When I looked at her beautiful and lovely figure and jumped out of the door, I remembered the growth of this Magnolia from small to large Newport Cigarettes. I couldn��t help thinking about it: I wish my little granddaughter��s daughter is like this in the yard. Like the Magnolia, under the care of the elders and the whole society, it is gentle and kind, full of tenacious vitality, bathed in warm sunshine, facing the rain, snow and frost that may come, healthy and thriving, and soon become the pillar of the country. material.
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