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k. After reading a private book for twelve years, the abacus of the "six returning to the seven-five-five-distribution" is full of smashing melons Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the abacus beads are hard to make a sound, but they will not use abacus to calculate accounts. Which page of a Chinese character in the "four-corner number" dictionary, he is familiar with the heart, but can not write a complete letter. The homesick said that he couldn��t even count a nerd, like a beggar. Hey, dialect, arrogant. The illiterate peasant said that his books were read in the assholes, so it would be better not to read them. At that time, the world was not open, and half of the poor would not give birth to a second thought. Therefore, it was not the uncle��s regret to find a wife, but the son said that he was ��shameless�� and he might die. No relief. On the eve of this year's Qingming, I was gone for a sick illness, my cousin was 68 years old. Someone introduced him to a companion, and he was physically strong and able to speak. He was in the middle. Someone asked him: "I heard that there is a good thing?" He did not cover up and smiled: "I have a reliance." "It should be a few days to bless. For more than ten years, take care of a sick drug, enough It��s rumored.�� The cousin didn��t know that other people were setting his words. It��s like a monkey. When he slammed the drums, he climbed the pole: ��She is a man who runs through the rivers and lakes, has a handcuff craft, and can do it with a hoe. Pills... She is a good person.�� He said, he never smoked, and he took out a ��Yellow Crane Tower�� from his pocket and sent it to the outside Marlboro Gold. ��I��m worried about you.�� Looking for a companion, it��s still unobtrusive and it��s too outrageous. One day, my son came back from Guangzhou and called his father to the room: "Do you think it is appropriate?" "I know you want to stop me. You work outside, I don't even have a word." The cousin cried in tears. When my nephew sees his father, he seems to have a big grievance, and he is not angry. He has not been treated badly by his father on weekdays Marlboro Lights. He has always spent money on him, he has been in the plane, he has been to Hong Kong and Macao, and his life has passed. It is also decent. "There is a ghost thing sad! The old lady did not see you crying like this." The cousin wiped a tear and yelled loudly: "I took care of your mother with a handful of urine." In a few years, do you know my leg hurts? Have you asked my chest pain? Have you given a few bad money to complete the problem? The money will cure your mother Online Cigarettes, and pay the tuition to your children. It��s our fault to care less about you, but the old lady��s bones are not cold. You can��t find someone. ��You think that you are looking for someone who is pinching rice. You missed this pot and have the next pot. You want me to wait until I have this old bone. Can you beat the drums and find them again?" The cousin waved his hand and his eyes were awkward. "Don't find it!" "Don't give your face a shameless face. If you don't find someone, you will die!" The cousin felt a sigh, his mouth twitching. . My nephew knows to overdo it. I don��t even pay for it: "Big, my mouth is screaming, you can suck my ears, but the old lady just walked less than half a year, you are looking for someone, we can't live this hurdle." The brother shook his head and sat down on the edge of the bed, whispering on the table. The cousin may have thought of the "shameless" that he had married his father 42 years ago. In 42 years, he was so annoyed and repented that he was not known, but at the moment, in the face of his son��s failure, he must be The heart has a realization. My nephew gave me a call and asked me to be a lobbyist. I refused. I advised my son to let his father a yard, to complete him well, filial sons and daughters are not half-way couples, children may know the cold, but can not replace the old couple's. Before returning to Guangdong, my nephew gave me my cousin 5,000 yuan: "Clean up the ancestral home, you should have a good time. Don't swear." The cousin looked at his son's fading back, tears and heard about them. On the night of moving to the same place mokingusacigarettes.com, the cousin squatted at the grave of the old father and smashed 42 heads. During the National Day holiday this year, I went back to see them and saw that the "scorpion" was giving my cousin a leg. She got up and waited for her cousin to introduce. She smiled and said: "This is a brother." When I left, I said, "Hey, I will pay you the cousin." The tears of "Xunzi" burst out, she took The clothes smacked his eyes: "You are the first family member to come here." And when I called her "scorpion", I was a bit swearing and awkward. Just six months ago, I grew up in front of the scorpion's coffin. The fragrance that she has respected seems to have not been annihilated... When I was in college, I gave me two pairs of corduroy striped shoes every year. When I got home, I gave me a stew of chicken soup, the pins, the sand pot. I am looking forward to seeing the motherhood of the Dangdang. I saw the cousin and the two of them, still standing under the old banyan tree in the corner, like two reeds in the autumn wind, on the water side, the white head is frost.
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