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The eloquence is silver, the silence is gold"--this famous saying comes from the English poet Carlisle. This sentence makes it clear that silence is the realm of silence and sound at this time. Remember that "silence is gold" in elementary school. When I use this term, I simply think that I don��t talk and don��t make a sound, just understand it. Gradually growing up and getting into contact with more people, I feel that I can��t be silent, it will make people bury people, and even make people isolated. Like, there is no circle of communication, lack of friends, lonely and lonely, lack of love. Later, it became talkative, and slowly felt that the sun was shining, and there were more friends, and the road was also smooth. But where is it just happening? The so-called smooth sailing is just a good luck Newport Cigarettes. After entering a complicated society, I have seen a variety of people, have kindness; have a black heart; have a face to laugh haha ??behind the wow wow; also have blunt words on the spot There is also the wind and the rudder; everything is necessary. At this time, it is necessary to distinguish between some people and things to make different treatments. There is an old saying that "the needle is not tied to It��s very reasonable to know that there is no pain in the body. In fact, silence is to learn how to silence, when to be silent Marlboro Gold, when should not be silent, silent people should speak very cautiously, and should not say what they should say, but say It must be said that when a person does not know how to be silent, he will make a series of mistakes, causing himself to be hurt, and more words will be lost! People who do not experience frustration will not mature, and immature people will only have What to say, what you can see at a glance, do not know how to protect yourself, so those who fight and betrayal, pain and torture, are all self-seeking, if you know that silence is gold, you will not be stupidly framed. Not to let people know their own mentality. When this needle is deeply tied to oneself, it is understood that the argument is useless. The argument is to talk nonsense Parliament Cigarettes, no one will listen, believe that your people do not have to explain, do not believe in you. The explanation is useless. The original silence is gold, wrap yourself up, use your eyes to observe, use your brain to think, analyze people and things, don't let people guess yourself, the expression of the opportunity to express, should not The rottenness in my heart, the need to be silent when successful, will not make people feel proud and feel calm; more need to be silent when they fail, to be clear in silence, to find experience to continue to advance only after experiencing many pains - -------Silence is gold
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