In the blue sky,

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In the blue sky, the shallow cloud has long been blurred, and the thick cloud in the deep is still clearly visible. There is no need to deliberately. It has long been transformed into a scent of fragrance and a kind shadow ... Spring has quietly left, she has not Take away the wonderful fragrance that filled the world, but send intoxicating green. I walked on the path of the intestines, and the sun finally squeezed the lush leaves and shone on the crops. I was fascinated by this, but I didn't think of the flowing water of this bridge, just the scent of fragrance, which lingered in my heart Figure. Grandma bent over, holding a rusty hoe in her hand, and carefully dug out the green and full wild vegetables and green vegetables. She was so careful and so focused. Although the hot sun was playing around his face, the beads of sweat had covered her wrinkled forehead, and she didn't care, she was so careful, this was just for me to come back to play Grandson. I stepped forward and raised my grandmother, wiped the sweat beads for her, and said softly to her, "Grandma, come on, you can go into the house and rest." Maybe it was too tired, and grandma nodded and said: "Well, my old bone is really upset, sorry for my little grandson!" I looked at her trembling back, sad. I did the rest of my grandma's work and dug carefully, alas, I finally realized the hard work of my grandma. When I dug, there was a back standing behind me, watching me silently, and I could n��t help but sigh, "Who, who knows my heart, is sad and sad!" Finally, I helped my grandmother back, grandma Then began the production of "Full Man" Marlboro Red. I carried a bunch of firewood. Grandma had already started a small fire. When I came, I added firewood. She skillfully washed the dishes clean, then showed her "peerless knife", only to hear a few clicks, the dishes were cut as many as possible. She poured oil, "Zizi", grandma quickly put in the dishes, a touching song came out, I lost myself in the song, "This song should only be heard by the grandma. ". Grandma seemed to use a magic trick, her hand was just a light wave, all kinds of condiments were put into the pot, and the aroma suddenly rose, which attracted the birds who were about to return to the nest to stop and smell the sweet fragrance Carton Of Cigarettes. Although it does not have the flowers fragrant gorgeously, it permeates the rural fragrance and simplicity. Still reminiscent of that sweet smell, that charming fragrance, that trembling back, where is this intoxicating aroma, where? Suddenly epiphany, where can I go to remember, the original back has gradually turned into my heart
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