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Love, it was so simple. In the early morning Cigarettes For Sale, a ray of sunlight kissed my cheek through the glass and woke me up. Opening my sleepy eyes, I slowly dressed. Thinking of going to school hungry again, can't help but feel a little listless. Entering the living room, two eggs and a glass of milk on the table caught my attention. My mother pulled me to the table and sat down, saying, "I need to be full in the morning to have energy to study. Hurry up and eat!" Looking at the breakfast on the table, I glanced at my mother before it was dawn Busy scene in the kitchen. At this moment, I knew that love, it turned out to be so simple. At noon, God seems to have encountered a great sadness, and it actually rained heavily. I was thinking in the classroom: my parents are so busy with work, I do n��t think I have time to send me an umbrella. It's going to rain and go home. After school, I packed my schoolbag and was just about to rush into the rain. A familiar figure appeared before my eyes. "Dad, why are you here?" "It's raining. I'll pick you up home so that you don't get wet." I was very happy, carrying my schoolbag, and walking with my father to the house. On the way, I kept talking to my dad non-stop. "Well? How did dad's clothes get wet?" I looked up in confusion, and found that the umbrella had been tilting towards me, and my dad was all wet in the rain. My heart trembled, and moved tears suddenly fell. The rain is getting heavier, but my heart is warm. Love is so simple. The love of parents is so simple, so is the love of teachers. I didn't get good results in this exam. Self-blame and resentment have taken over my heart and made me frown all the time. Together with the scholars, I have said that I have been a lot dull recently. The teacher noticed this, and talked to me: "A failure does not mean anything, and wherever you fall from it, you can get up. As long as you learn from this failure and ensure that you do not make the same mistake next time, you There has been progress. "The teacher's words cured my" illness "like a panacea. Love is so simple. Love is hidden in the ordinary egg milk, in the inclined umbrella, in the kind words. Love is so simple Marlboro Lights. [Section 6] Love is so simple. Love is so simple! It can be a glass of steaming milk sent by my mother when I was studying in front of a desk lamp Cigarettes Online. It can be a kind encouragement from my father when he failed the exam. It can be the teacher's cheering love in the text, so simple; love is everywhere; love is a sentence When everyone was immersed in learning in the third quarter of the evening last night, the teacher Li, the teacher quietly opened the door and came in. For fear of disturbing our studies. A soft whisper helped the classmates in question to explain their homework, a whistle sounded, and after class, Teacher Li hurriedly said a word full of warmth: "It's cold, the children should add a few extra clothes, be careful to catch a cold! "This sentence made our cold heart suddenly burn like a fire, warm and warm! Love is so simple; love is everywhere. Love was an eye-catching test last month. I only took 89 points for the Chinese language test and 120 points for thee language test. I was very frustrated and absent from class. My abnormalities were discovered by the careful Mr. Li. In the Chinese class, Mr. Li kept watching me, with anticipation and encouragement in my eyes. I felt a burst of warm current all over my body. Teacher Li seems to be saying, "Child, don't be discouraged. A failure doesn't mean anything. You have to cheer. Believe in yourself, you will be a strong one!" I nodded subconsciously, and the teacher would be attentive
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