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The tranquil sea surface is shimmering, and the water and sky are connected. Flocks of seagulls fly freely. Suddenly, a seagull swoops down and picks up a silvery fish from the water Cigarettes For Sale. This is the image of the seagull in my heart. Since I studied the article "Maritime Weatherman" in elementary school, I have been impressed by the smart and hard-working little seagull. For example, the summer vacations in which I always fly and fish freely on the sea. I read the pilot writer Richard Bach's "Seagull Jonathan" Newport Cigarettes Coupons, which gave me a different understanding of the seagull in my head. "A mile off the coast, a fishing boat was fishing for bait. The seagulls had breakfast. The news spread quickly in the sky. Suddenly, thousands of seagulls flew in, and East Dorsey rushed for some breakfast. "" Most seagulls don't want to ask for trouble to learn more flying skills, just content to simply fly to the shore to find food, and then fly back. They don't care about flying, they just eat. " Most of the seagulls do not fly freely and use their big mouths to fish without restraint. Instead, they follow fishing boats or wait on the shore, screaming, hovering, and fighting for small fish, shrimp, and bread crumbs for human alms. The seagull Jonathan is different from other seagulls. He loves flying and surpassing everything. He questioned Elder Seagull loudly: "Who can be more responsible than exploring and pursuing a meaning of life and a lofty goal of life? For thousands of years Cigarettes Online, we have been fighting for fish heads, but now we have Better reasons to live-to learn, to discover, to seek freedom! "Jonathan constantly challenged himself and practiced his flying skills. He learned to dive into the ocean floor and eat rare and delicious fish, instead of relying on fishing boats and mold. Bread for a living. He learned to sleep in the air and set his course in the night wind. In the thick fog at sea, he can also control the leap through the fog layer and enter the dazzling clear sky ... As the flying skills continue to rise to one level after another, the seagull Jonathan realizes: freedom and love are the essence of life. So he brought 7 seagulls with the same dreams and beliefs back to his hometown, and used his behavior to affect the young seagulls who had dreams of flying but did not start exploring. Finally, another little seagull broke the shackles and started Sailing "the dead wood cannot be carved." Many seagulls also have flying dreams, but they buried him in their hearts and were afraid to try due to the restrictions of traditional habits. Jonathan acted on this belief without hesitation. "Destiny can be rewritten. The key is to ourselves." To achieve our ideal, we must first clearly understand what we need, then plan for it, and then work tirelessly. In the process of achieving the ideal, difficulties and dangers will be encountered at any time, but we must be firm in conviction, and wise, decisive and brave. Different pursuits, life is very different: Seagull Jonathan has wings for flying and freedom, other seagulls are fighting for food; Seagull Jonathan constantly studies for dreams, and finally obtains the ability of freedom and love; other seagulls are waiting and becoming Fragile, losing the ability to fly higher ... Although the smooth road is stable, but walking in such a confused way, there will never be an exit. Mountain climbing is tiring, but you can enjoy the peak scenery. Just after reading "Seagull Jonathan", we followed my parents to Dalian to travel. We went to Xinghai Square to see the seagulls. Looking far away, on the vast blue coast, groups of low-flying seagulls chased fishing boats, and people took pictures. , Feeding, a harmonious scene. When approaching the sea, people will feel noisy. Flocks of seagulls screamed and scrambled for the bread crumbs and diced sausages left by tourists, leaving a pile of white bird droppings on the embankment. They and a few red The pigeons on the feet stared at the food in the hands of tourists together, looking so weak, reminding me of Gorky's words: "The gulls groaned before the storm came-moaning, they flew across the sea, trying to turn themselves to the Fear, hiding in the depths of the sea. "Occasionally seeing a few lonely seagulls playing in the water, fishing or flying at high altitudes will cause the children to cry with excitement, yeah, it seems that only Jonathan's seagulls In order to bring more surprises and hope to everyone, I hope that everyone has a Jonathan: fly for freedom and love!
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