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d of our hard work and excellent results. But when did they think that as we learn more and more, what we should have, like Tom, is lively, real, and kind, and the vitality is gradually weakening. When we asked to go out and play, our parents would always say, "What can I do to play? Is it useful? Can I improve my grades? Do exercises for me at home!" Stack extracurricular tutoring classes. This is experienced by almost every elementary and middle school student. I hope that when parents complain that we play games for too long, can we consider reducing our academic burden a little and take us out to let ourselves go? At the end of this article, I want to conclude with a sentence that I have read through this book. More important than a successful career, a successful career is golden. The childhood never fades. This summer is hot and hot. In the season of hot waves, our five (7) class has a rush to find good books and read well. "Book, Commentary" "Breeze" brought a coolness to this summereveral students recommended to me a book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and the novel and bold adventure of the book ... Otherwise, I missed the opportunity to take the chance to take a chance .. few classmates, you introduced the content of this book here, and said it to me. I was so curious and itchy, and I secretly planned to buy this book. It may be the true one Great! I went to Xinhua Bookstore several times and went full of expectations, all disappointed. This is the fourth time to try my luck. As soon as I entered the bookstore, I found the book at a glance, and my heart filled with joy. Hold the book and wipe it and then buy it. As soon as I entered the house Cigarettes Online, I carefully opened the book. The faint scent of pen and ink made people feel refreshed. I opened my eyes and looked at the small black characters, as if dancing like a spirit elf. Load the book into one end and enjoy the fun of writing. With the protagonist Tom sorrow and sorrow together, breaking his tears and laughing, adventure, discovery, and growth together. When Tom was thinking, I frowned and started thinking; when Tom was sad and helpless, I also secretly felt sad; when Tom was happy, I also laughed comfortably ... I don't miss a minute and a second to travel the book sea. In the book, I can really broaden my horizons, cultivate sentiment, hone my will, and learn from Lin! I do n��t know how many times I read the book ��The Adventures of Tom Sawyer��, but I will never tire of reading it. I still put it on the bedside. After reading this book as a treasure, I also have a lot of ideas Tom Sawyer, a bad boy in the eyes of adults; mischievous, mischievous Wholesale Cigarettes, truancy ... these have become his daily tasks. However, such a naughty urchin has the advantages of several flashes. Once he and the "wild child" Huck ran into the arena for a trivial matter, and inadvertently they witnessed a horrific killing. But the murderer had brought trouble to Potter, so the angry residents arrested Potter. The day of Judge Potter was approaching day by day. Tom couldn't help hesitating; let's say, but also afraid that Joe, who didn't blink, would kill him and threaten his life; let alone, his conscience was suffering a lot. In the end, Tom decided to tell everything in court. This is a murder case. Moreover, Joe, the murderer at the time, was also present. He had a strong sense of justice, so he desperately saved Potter and returned him innocence. Tom is so determined and bold, full of conscience and sense of justice. When it matters, he can always stand up and set aside his life and death. In fact, behavior is like a mirror. Only a mirror without pollution can find the most beautiful self, and always take care of yourself. You can constantly wipe out the hustle and bustle of the dust, and soothe the impetuousness of the minTom Sawyer is a multifaceted figure, and his world is full of sunshine and hope. His experience tells us: As long as there is ideal and happiness, the dream will come true. One day, our natural performance will be free to play Cigarettes For Sale, creating a clear sky of life. This book has been placed on my bedside. Although the cover is broken, it is still my "spiritual food".
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