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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:40 am    Post subject: Imperceptibly, Reply with quote

Imperceptibly, in my first few years, I was sentimental, fell in love with nostalgia, loved to write nostalgic texts, listened to classic old songs, watched outrageous movies, took old photos with black and white lenses, and liked the light Floral, like the quiet season, like the quiet landscape, listen to the whispering of zen, watch the snowflakes stain the white ground, bleach the silver-grey sky, bleach the dark yellow mood, let the heart fly thousand tree pear flowers, pure and lonely winter, moving ordinary light Life. When I was at a leisurely afternoon, the delicate and delicate sunlight fell by the window, and I accidentally opened the memory-seal bookshelf, holding up an old book, reading it carefully, reading it carefully, slowly reminiscing, and counting the short period. A beautiful time; when the deep eyes touched the warmth of the words, the lost memory came to mind, remembering the black and white motor that liberated the veteran under the ancient tree in the village in his childhood, remembering the time left in the corner and parked in the corner The dusty sewing machine in it reminded me of the high bike with which Grandpa spent his whole life. Fall in love with old times, fall in love with nostalgic texts, fall in love with memories, read the classic scriptures of love in ancient Zen courtyards, and be as detached as a heart, and lose your sorrow. The plain tone and rustic rhetoric in the soil gave birth to a warm emotion. If you have heard the stories of the old people who can travel through time, please don't forget to miss, please don't forget to remember, remember those who we have walked together, remember time, remember love. An old-fashioned story, a flowery alley that penetrates time, flowing through the swift and dangerous years of the reef, there are no ups and downs, no funny and amused bridges, only a word that sheds tears, love and deeds, accompanied by classics The quintessence of the country, sings eternal tenderness, continues to write an exclusive time memory. Time is quiet and quiet, growth is deep in the years. The time crossing, on the Qingfeng River, thousands of miles and clear rivers like training, thousands of miles clear, Qinglu Xiangfei Newport 100S, Yuxiang shallow bottom. In the nostalgic words, he describes the pursuit of long distances and the pursuit of strength; his sturdy life, constantly climbing high places, making little progress, approaching the distant mountain of dreams, step by step. In the old days, I took a piece of experience, absorbed a piece of nutrition, picked a piece of hope, set a spring, and confidently walked towards an infinite future. Progress and success are the result of constant effort and sweat. Filling the vacancies of life with strength and persistence, making people full of the fragrance of the most beautiful April days in the world, is a happiness that will shed tears and happiness. A tear is a joy of successful recognition; a firm conviction is a motivation to enrich life; an attempt is a testament to bravely overcome obstacles; a hard work is a mark of continuous struggle. Sweat and tears baptize dreams; hardships and hardships build the strongest fortress on our way to dreams. Take a breeze, obliquely evening with the sunset, and mingle with the moon. Carry a pair of hard-working wings, dance wildly with the yellow sand, and linger with the mountains; gather a beam of sunlight, separate from your heart, save a hope, save a copy of the experience, wait for the autumn wind to come next year, the wheat is ripe, and the chrysanthemum is blooming , Raise a smile, go to Zhuxi Jiajia with joy, and spend a leisurely and quiet life. Regardless of an inch of time, I am pregnant, knowing the period of ignorance. The old man of the past, with two sleeves of breeze and fairy wind, walked from the old days, with green bamboo in his heart and a dusty cavity. Major events are clear, such as funeral examinations and approvals, because you know life, so you are relieved; if you look far away, everything is sad, because you know life, you are not surprised. People must live a dream that is the most beautiful, strive for it, and pay for it. Even if it is fruitless, future generations will be moved by it. Life is insignificant in the presence of all things in the universe, and death is of no significance, but one's life needs an immortal goal, ignite the fireworks of life, and bloom brilliant colors. Time is too old, too old; life, too fragile, life, too thin. Thousands of years back, the parting is scattered, every man is dead, every man is dead, all the glories and glories of his life will be turned into nothingness, but time will record the journey he took, and record his footprints. Nostalgia, find calm. Whether we live in the glorious and glorious emptiness, or live indifferently in the distant mountains and distant waters Cigarettes For Sale, we must inject our own blood and soul into life Marlboro Lights. Nostalgic, looking for a calm, broken time, occasionally confused, knowing that the mountain road is long, the waterway is stubborn, but paranoid thinking forward, seeking up and down, sinking into it with all regret, accompanied by sorrow and joy, accompanied by mood And moody; but maybe it is a symbol of life, a microcosm, a description, telling us to enjoy those luck and suffering, to cherish that detached free nostalgia, to find a calm. Time is full of compassion, boundless fraternity, longing for love, long love, flowing quietly in the rivers of years, acacia with water, and sleeping with water lilies.
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