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Heaven is Chongyang Festival, what are you going to do? For most people, it may not have a commemorative significance for the Double Ninth Festival. The answer is no. Chongyang Festival is not only memorable but also meaningful. Next, let me talk about the origin of the Chongyang Festival: "Chongyang after the Mid-Autumn Festival". The Chongyang Festival originated in the early Han Dynasty has a long history. Speaking of the origin of the Double Ninth Festival, it is not an easy job. The origin of the Double Ninth Festival can be pushed back to the early Han Dynasty. It is said that in the imperial palace, on September 9th every year, dogwood, awning bait, and chrysanthemum wine are used for longevity; after the tragic murder of Mrs. Qiu, the emperor of the Han ancestor Liu Bang, by the Queen Lu, the palace daughter Jiamou was also expelled Palace, introduced this custom to the folk. In ancient times, folks had the custom of ascending on that day Newport Cigarettes, so the Chongyang Festival was also called the "Climbing Festival". According to legend, this custom began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. There are many poems about ascending the Tang Dynasty, most of them are the customs of writing Chongyang Festival; Du Fu's Seven Laws "Climbing the Climbing" is a famous article about Chongyang Climbing. There is no uniform provision for ascending wherever you go, generally ascending mountains and ascending towers. There is also the custom of eating "Chongyang Cake". The exquisite Chongyang cake is to be made into nine layers, like a pagoda, and two lambs are also made on it Parliament Cigarettes, in line with the meaning of Chongyang (sheep). Some also put a small red paper flag on the chongyang cake and lighted candle lights. This is probably to use "lighting" and "eating cake" instead of "climbing", and using a small red paper flag to replace the Zhu Chongyang Festival. Tao Yuanming is famous for hermitage, poetry, wine, and love for chrysanthemum; afterwards, there is the custom of chrysanthemum appreciation in the Chongyang. In the old days, doctors and scholars often combined chrysanthemum appreciation with feasting to make them closer to Tao Yuanming. Kaifeng in the Northern Song Dynasty, the chrysanthemum appreciation of Chongyang was very popular Carton Of Cigarettes, and there were many kinds of chrysanthemums at that time. After the Qing Dynasty, the custom of chrysanthemum appreciation was particularly prosperous, and not limited to September 9, but it was still the most prosperous before and after the Chongyang Festival. The custom of planting dogwood on the Double Ninth Festival was already common in the Tang Dynasty. The ancients believed that by inserting dogwood on the day of Chongyang Festival, they could take refuge and eliminate disasters; either wear it on the arm, or put it in a sachet, and put it on the head. It is mostly worn by women and children, and in some places, men also wear it. Peiyu Dogwood on Chongyang Festival is recorded in Ge Hong's Miscellaneous Notes of Western Classics in Jin Dynasty. In addition to wearing dogwood, Chongyang Festival also put chrysanthemum. This was already the case in the Tang Dynasty, and it was prevalent throughout the ages. In the Qing Dynasty, the custom of the Beijing Chongyang Festival was to stick the branches and leaves of chrysanthemums on the doors and windows. In the Song Dynasty, there were also those who cut the color tapes into cornel and chrysanthemums as gifts. Since its inception, the Chongyang Festival has evolved into a festival with rich activities and fun. People from all over the world celebrate this historic festival through activities such as ascending, enjoying chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine, eating chongyang cakes, and putting dogwood. The place of appreciation, Hengjing learned art from the teacher, and killed the devil so that the custom of ascending September 9th passed down.
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