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nswer to the question ofLife has given me fifteen springs and autumns, from a carefree childhood to a deep and shallow face of life, and I am moving towards the flower season of life. After experiencing the ups and downs of life countless times, I realized from it the true meaning of how to live. I remember that when I was in the third grade, I saw my neighbor Xiaohong holding a very beautiful rag doll, she wobbled and showed off in front of me. I was so envious, so I ran home and cried and asked my mother. My mother stroked my head and said slowly, "You can't see what other people have, what you need. Besides, it's not that Mom doesn't buy you ..." In the second half, Mom didn't say, I vaguely remember Mom looked helpless at the time. I nodded incomprehensiblely, and stopped crying. At night, I lay in bed and had trouble falling asleep. The affectionate imprint of the daytime was engraved on my young mind and could not be erased. Yes, in terms of material, what others own, I do n��t necessarily own [url=webvipsmoking.com]Online Cigarettes[/url], my parents always restrict me like this. In fact, my parents' love for me cannot be replaced by anything. Life, for the first time, told me that human happiness cannot depend on vain vanity or the pursuit of material enjoyment. Years are like a stream. Although I was 15 years old, although I was not completely childish, I no longer cried for a children's toy. Life keeps reminding me: to keep the rules of being a person, you must have a will that is strict with yourself [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Newport 100S[/url]. There is a small thing that I still remember so far. On that day, the teacher bribed my homework. As a result, my homework book was used up, but the homework was not finished yet. When I was in a hurry, the classmates behind handed me a copy , I took the book gratefully, like I got a savior, ready to write immediately. At this moment, the classmate called me: "Hey, don't use it first, you have to ask me to copy homework." Oh, I realized that he has additional conditions. He is naughty. It is also the worst classmate in my class, copying homework is his special skill, I will not let him copy it. But he wasn't allowed to copy, and I couldn't write homework. It was really a dilemma. At this time, the terms of the "standards of daily conduct for middle school students" flashed in my mind, illuminating my heart. "Study hard and complete the assignment on time independently." I explained the reason to him and returned the assignment to him. Life is the code of conduct you gave me [url=salesmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. In life, you told me: to be a conscience, to improve your own personality, you must appreciate the feelings from the euphemisms. The French writer Luo Shou Luo Lan once said: "When a person enjoys his own conscience, even if he has substantial gains, he will never be happy. Life has given me time and time trials and lessons. In life Under the guidance and guidance, I handed in a perfect answer to the question of life. I devoted myself to life, remembering the teachings of life, along the rugged path, climbing the Shangfeng Mountain forever, and I will definitely reach the top of the brilliant ideal.
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